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What is The Lovely Letter Exchange and how to get involved

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Mar 21

What’s better than receiving something lovely in the post?! Back by popular demand, we’re thrilled to announce The Lovely Letter Exchange is returning for a third time! Many of you said this was your favourite thing we did for the last two years, so we are pleased to bring it back for another edition and spread some joy and kindness in the mail.

As it’s been two years since we first launched The Lovely Letter Exchange, and we’ve got a lovely new lot of you join of community since then, we thought we’d take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about what it is, where the idea came from and how you can get involved! Read on for more!

What exactly is The Lovely Letter Exchange?

We launched The Lovely Letter Exchange in lockdown, where people could write a delightful letter and receive one in return from a total stranger! We wondered how we could spread some positivity and kindness when we were all feeling like we could do with a little pick-me-up. What better way to do that than by good old snail mail?! As stationery enthusiasts, it felt only natural for this initiative to be creative and paper-based and lo and behold…The Lovely Letter Exchange was born!

We were totally and utterly blown away when more than 350 people signed up from across the UK and around the world – the furthest letter coming from New Zealand! Seeing them all arrive back at our studio was the most wonderful feeling, but not as amazing as seeing the reaction when they landed back with you. One person said this about receiving their letter “it really lifted my mood and I will treasure it for a long time”. Since then, we’ve been inundated with requests to do it again!

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Want to get involved this time? It’s easy…

1. Sign up!  

You can sign up to take part here! It’s £3.95 to take part so we can cover the cost of postage, no matter where you are in the world, and admin our end.  (We send them from our studio!) We’ll also send you an email with all the need-to-know information, including hints and tips for writing your letter and the ‘theme’ in case you need it!

2. Write your lovely letter

It doesn’t need to be long… you could inspire others with an uplifting quote, draw something pretty or simply put pen to paper and write to your heart’s content! We’ve popped some ideas below to help inspire you.

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3. Pop your letter in the post to us

We’ll be sending all letters on from our studio, so no personal information needs to be exchanged! All letters need to arrive at our studio by the 14th April. You MUST pop your order number on the reverse of the envelope, just so you don’t receive your own letter! You can find your order number on your confirmation email that you’ll receive once you book on.

4. You’ll receive a lovely letter back! ?

Who doesn’t love happy mail?!

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Inspiration for your letter

As we are launching this Lovely Letter Exchange the same week as the first day of Spring our theme for this edition of the letter exchange is ‘send a little sunshine’. Whether that’s a happy little drawing someone can treasure, or a letter that’s written filled with joy, we believe kindness costs nothing and that can brighten someone’s day. So, if when you go write your letter you’re feeling a little lost for words, try to think about the theme of sending a little sunshine and hopefully that will help you on your way. 

Will you be taking part? Comment below if you did it last time of you are thinking of getting involved this time!

P.S. In need of something to write your lovely letter on? This year you can add on our limited edition writing set, The Lovely Letter Box, filled with everything you could possibly need to put pen to paper:

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1 year ago

Fantastic idea, I will share it with others immediately!

1 year ago

Great idea! I write letters often, because there are folk on their own, who need to know they are thought of and loved. There are others going through tough times, and it matters to them, that they discover they are not alone. There are many reasons to write to someone, and hoping the recipient is happy to have had a ‘real’ letter through the door. It is not important that I know about it.

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