martha brook blog post 10 desk decor ideas to boost your productivity

10 desk décor ideas to boost your productivity

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Apr 10

Boring desks? No thank you! No matter if you’re working from home or are based in an office, having an inspiring and welcoming desk is a must. Not only will it boost your productivity, it makes spending time at your desk that little bit more delightful. We know what you’re thinking…a workspace overhaul is a pretty big task! But fear not, we’re here to help with these 10 easy desk décor ideas to boost your productivity that won’t break the bank.

10 desk décor ideas to boost your productivity

1. Use colours to boost productivity

    First up on our list of 10 desk décor ideas to boost productivity is by using specific colours throughout your workspace. Blue, green, yellow and orange are proven to be the best colours if you’re looking to be your most focussed self at work. Whilst we probably won’t be reaching for the paint pots, a great way to utilise these colours throughout your workspace with by creating a gorgeous gallery wall.

    2. Add greenery and plants

    One of our favourite desk décor ideas to boost your productivity is by adding lots of lush greenery and plants to your desk and office, no matter how big or little your workspace. Not only are they great on the eye, but they can also boost your productivity by 15% and purify the air at the same time! What’s not to love?! Adding plants to your workspace is always a good idea and Beards & Daisies have a fantastic range of indoor plants, especially their unkillable plants (thank us later)!

    3. Use stylish desk organisers

    Keeping your desk clear of clutter can be one of the best antidotes for distraction. Be clever with your workspace and use stylish storage solutions to keep your odds and sods tucked away with handy desk accessories. From our very own gold letter rack, which are great for storing notes and notebooks alike, to Mustard’s lockers which look great next to your desk, there are lots of lovely ways you can keep your workspace, your desk, and your mind clear of clutter for a productive day ahead.

    4. Have inspiring quotes in sight

    martha brook blog post 10 desk decor ideas to boost your productivity inspiring quotes

    If you’re looking to boost your productivity, having your favourite inspirational quotes in sight is the perfect way to do so! Getting that little extra bit of encouragement through postcards, art prints or even a phrase on your desktop background will give you a well-need boost to stay motivated and empowered throughout the day, as well as look lovely on your desk. Sound good? Discover our very own range of uplifting and empowering art prints, perfect for your desk.

    5. Think about your lighting

    Next up on our list of desk décor ideas to boost your productivity is to think about your lighting. Getting just that little bit of daylight throughout your workspace will work wonders on your mood and productivity! Did you know daylight can reduce tiredness, eye strain and headaches, so now’s the perfect time to move your desk near to your window and admire the spring sunshine as it dances throughout your office.

    6. Invest in your stationery

    martha brook blog post 10 desk decor ideas to boost your productivity life planners

    We couldn’t have a list about increasing your productivity without mentioning stationery of course! As stationery aficionados ourselves, we’re big believers that there is no better way to be productive than when armed with your favourite notebook, planner and pen. Created to help boost your productivity and to inspire you on the daily, our range of life planners are the perfect desk bestie to help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are. You can discover even more stationery for spring here.

    7. Get a clock

    Many of us don’t have clocks in our homes, but rely on our watches, phones or even our oven…(ahem, guilty as charged!) Adding a clock to your desk is a great way to increase your productivity as it means you’re less likely to check your phone and be distracted by the endless notifications that have popped up throughout the day. Whilst laptop and desktop clocks do the same job, a desktop clock is also a lovely way to add a little character to your desk.

    8. Add some bookshelves

    martha brook blog post 10 desk decor ideas to boost your productivity bookshelf

    Adding a bookshelf to your workspace is a great way to increase productivity by keeping all your resources at hand. Big and bulky books can look messy on a desk so by adding a bookshelf, you get the best of both worlds with a neat and tidy desk and your books still close to hand.  Win, win! Add a little personality to your bookshelf and dress it up with a pretty little vase or plant to welcome the outside in.

    9. Add scented candles

    Next up on our list of desk décor ideas to boost productivity is adding your favourite scented candle. Whilst we don’t need a reason to buy even more scented candles, they have been proven to reduce stress and release relaxation hormones in your brain. Set yourself up for productivity by lighting your scented candle first thing so you can begin each day feeling calm, relaxed and ready to take on the day’s tasks.  We simply love Hazel & Blue’s collection of hand-poured candles!

    10. Add personal touches

      And last but not least on our list of desk décor ideas to boost your productivity is to add those personal touches that make your desk really feel your own. Feeling comfortable and at ease at your desk can help with focus throughout the day, so surround yourself with photographs propped up in our solid brass photo holder.

      We hope this has inspired you to create a truly wonderful workspace that helps you to be your most productive and focussed self. If you have any tips or tricks, please do let us know in the comments.

      P.S. Discover even more Martha Brook desk accessories that will make your desk the envy of the office!

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