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How to choose between a mid-year diary, academic diary or mid-year planner

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Jun 5

When we think of new diaries and planners, we often think of the new year. But who said it must be January to get yourself organised?! Maybe you’re a student who’s in need of an academic diary as your year starts in September, or perhaps you’re a teacher who likes to pencil in your term timetables without needing two separate diaries. Or, you might be someone who just wants to give their year a good ol’ reset so you can start afresh! No matter your needs, we’ve mid-year diaries, academic diaries and mid-year Life Planners a plenty and in this blog, we’re here to help you learn the difference between each of our mid-year and academic options so you can find the planning tool that works for you.

martha brook blog post how to choose between a mid-year diary an academic diary and a mid-year life planner

How to choose between a mid-year diary, academic diary or mid-year planner

Mid-year Diary

Dates: 01 July 2024 – 03 August 2025

Let’s start with our popular mid-year diaries, the perfect option for planning out this summer and beyond. Our range of mid-year diaries feature a range of stylish cover options, with choices of hardbacks or softbacks, A4 and A5 and daily or week-to-view format options, so you can really create your very own mid-year diary that suits your needs. Our mid-year diaries run from 1st July 2024 to 3rd August 2025, unlike our academic diaries which follow school, university and college dates, and are great if you’re looking for a classic diary to drop in those all-important dates. 

With yearly and monthly calendar spreads at the beginning and daily or weekly planning spreads throughout, you can map out your whole year, by month, by week and by each day.  Featuring plenty of notes pages at the back too, so you can jot down those mustn’t forget thoughts, whenever they strike. 

Academic Diary

Dates: 29th August 2024 – 31st August 2025

Next up is our brand-new range of 2024-2025 academic diaries! As requested by you, we got to work creating the dream academic diary with the help of some lovely academic students so we could create a weekly academic diary that is filled with genuinely useful content.

Our range of academic diaries runs from 29th August 2024 to 31st August 2025 and is focused on helping you take control and stay organised through every day of your school, college or university studies. With study timetables, deadline trackers, project/exam planners, monthly calendar pages and weekly planning spreads, this academic diary is perfect for anyone looking to get organised for the academic year ahead.

Exam or course-work periods can feel stressful and high-pressured for many, so we’ve made sure to include plenty of self-care essentials too. Throughout the academic diary, you’ll find self-care prompts to encourage you to take healthy regular breaks, a place to jot down your personal pick-me-ups, a weekly mood tracker and weekly intentions and reflections, to remind you to take good care of yourself. Plus so much more!

Mid-Year Life Planner

Dates: 27th June – 03 August 2025

Our bestselling Life Planner range comes in an array of beautiful colours with three options to choose from for the inside, 2024 contents which runs from January through to December, mid-year contents which runs from July to August or undated contents where you can start whenever you like. Featuring a ring-binder, this planner organiser is refillable so you can keep your cover and re-fill your Life Planner year after year.

The Life Planner has been designed to capture your whole life on paper. With year-at-a-glance spreads, monthly calendar pages, year goals and intentions planning pages and weekly planning spreads to set daily priorities, the Life Planner helps you map out the finest of details when it comes to your day-to-day life. It also encourages you look after yourself, with inspiring quote pages throughout, a self-care tracker and space for monthly reflections.

Don’t miss our refills, from budget trackers to social media planners, which can be clipped in and enjoyed in our range of Life Planners!

Which planning tool suits your needs best? Let us know in the comments if you’ll be going for a mid-year diary, an academic diary or a mid-year life planner!

P.S. Our academic diaries are now live here! You can also shop our mid-year collection here to stock up on your mid-year stationery, perfect for this summer and beyond.

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