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Birthday brainteasers: answers revealed!

Published 1 month ago. Estimated reading time: 5 minutes.

Apr 18

On Friday we celebrated Martha’s birthday by giving you the chance to win lots of epic prizes! We thought we’d have a little bit of fun with our newsletter subscribers and came up with nine mind-boggling brainteasers to put your mind to the test. The first person to correctly guess each answer wins a prize (congrats if you were one of them!) but for those of you wondering what the answers are, you’re in the right place! Scroll down to reveal each answer from Martha’s birthday brainteasers…

Birthday brainteasers: answers revealed!

The very first puzzle was an anagram, and we thought this one was pretty tough but one of you managed to unscramble this pretty quickly! With all answers being related to Martha Brook, we thought some of you might hazard a guess at something we campaign on each and every year…the correct way to spell stationery.  

Puzzle number 2 was a Linkee style brainteaser where you need to find out what links all of the answers. As we mentioned above, all the answers are somehow connected to Martha Brook and when a lot of people think of us, they think pink! It wouldn’t be a Martha Brook quiz without including our all-time favourite colour with each answer of every question being a different shade of pink.

What happens to your cheeks when you get embarrassed? Blush

What does the M stand for in CMYK? Magenta

What is England’s national flower? Rose

Which film was the highest grossing film of 2023? Barbie

This next puzzle was inspired by the addictive Loose Vowels, where the vowels and spaces have been removed. To solve the puzzle, you have to pop the vowels back in and the spaces to work out the answer, which spells out one of our most-loved products. We thought this one was super hard but one of you worked this out in record time!

Who doesn’t love a bit of stationery maths?! With this puzzle, we asked you to times the amount of colours of our A5 Vegan Leather Notebook by how many iterations of the 24 Days of Stationery Advent Calendar there are. If you’ve been a part of our community for a while now, you’d quickly get the answer to this one and if not, you could have sleuthed the website for the answers on each product page!

We love a riddle and putting our minds to their contradictory statements, so we had plenty of fun coming up with this particular brainteaser…and it seemed you loved this one too! This one had left a few of you totally puzzled, and we don’t blame you, but if you’re dying to know the answer, here is it!

When we were coming up with each puzzle and the answers, the emoji puzzle (surprisingly!) took us the longest! We love working these out whenever we see them so thought we’d put you to the test and see if you could figure out the answer to this brainteaser! Well done to those who got it right, and for those who didn’t quite get it or couldn’t take part in time, the answer is below!

So good we did it twice! This might be our second name the link style brainteaser but we thought we’d make this slightly harder. If you’ve been a part of our community, you’ll know that we’re based in a certain part of London that we simply adore. We’re normally out and about in this part of London, whether on a team day or making some of our videos you enjoy on Instagram.

All of the below items are things we’ve done as April Fool’s Day jokes…except one! We take April Fools Day pretty seriously (but never too seriously!!) to try and hoodwink you into believing our prank, and whilst these all seem pretty ridiculous, we actually have done six out of these seven jokes! We put you to the test to see if you could spot which April Fool’s Day joke we haven’t done. This was a great way to come up with even more ideas for next year, watch this space!

And to finish off, we thought we’d puzzle you with this venn diagram! With three related words on each opposing circle, you had to work out which word can possibly fit into both. As we had mentioned earlier and with each puzzle, all answers are related to Martha Brook and this one especially so…

We hope you enjoyed playing for some puzzles! Do let us know in the comments what your favourite puzzles and brainteasers are.

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