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A look back on our best April Fools Day jokes

Published 3 weeks ago. Estimated reading time: 5 minutes.

Mar 28

Did we trick you?! You may have noticed April Fools Day is one of our favourite times of the year, and we go to pretty extreme lengths to have a bit of fun and see if we can hoodwink anyone! It’s something we’ve religiously done for the last six years so today, for the first time ever, we’re taking a look back on our best April Fools Day pranks and revealing all…

2019 – The Sticky Note Necklace

Because what could be better than stationery you can wear?! Our first best April Fools Day joke was five years ago when we told you all we’re taking our love of stationery to new heights and starting our own range of stationery jewellery. Kicking off with the Classic Sticky Note Necklace, which we convinced many of you would make you the envy of co-workers everywhere! Lots of you were disappointed it wasn’t an actual thing. Practical and pretty don’t you think?!

martha brook blog post best april fools' day jokes sticky note necklace

2020 – The New Company Boss

2020 was the year of COVID and lockdown, so we had to get even more creative with this one! With most people working from home, desperate times called for desperate measures, so we thought we’d trick you all into believing Hermione, Martha’s two-year-old at the time, had been officially registered as a Director of Martha Brook. Hermione answered your calls, responded to customer service enquiries, and packed your orders for the day, which you all loved! Whilst Hermione is super adorable and did a fantastic job of being Director, of course her new job of being a big sister is far more important! Our cutest April Fools’ to date that’s for sure.

martha brook blog post best april fools' day jokes the new company boss

2021 – The Monochrome Rebrand

Next up on our list of our best April Fools Day jokes is when we fooled you all into thinking we’d had enough of pink (yeah, right!). We announced we were re-branding to a grey and monochrome colour scheme for a year to rebalance things, and had lots of you fooled that our love for all things pink had finally come to an end. Some of you thought we were being completely serious, but of course some of you knew instantly that we would never in a million years abandon our all-time favourite colour. Pink for life!

martha brook blog post best april fools day jokes rebrand monochrome

2022 – The Edible Notebook

Two years ago, we tried to fool you all into thinking we had combined two of our favourite things; stationery and eating! We let you know you could preorder the world’s first ever edible notebook, made with edible paper, so you can quite literally eat your own words. We convinced many of you that you’ll never need to go hungry in a meeting again, and if you make a mistake on a page of your notebook, you can just nibble it away instead. Lots of you commented saying it’s something you would actually love to have and one of you asked if it came with edible erasers too! Delightful, and delicious?!

martha brook blog post best april fools day jokes edible notebook

2023 – The 365 Days of Stationery

Last year we thought we had well and truly topped it. One of our best April Fools Day jokes was when we told you we had launched the world’s first 365 Days of Stationery Calendar so you can enjoy a piece of stationery every day for an entire year. So many of you believed it, so much so that one of you actually purchased it as we had this set-up on our website as part of the joke! We felt so bad! (Don’t worry, they were fully refunded and a proper explanation was given!) This is taking the love of stationery to all new levels!

martha brook blog post best april fools day jokes 265 days of stationery

2024 – The Find My Pen App

martha brook blog post best april fools' day jokes find my pen app

And last, but certainly not least, on our list of our best April Fools Day jokes is this year’s edition. We told you all that we had been working hard for the last year to create a brand-new app called Find My Pen, which helps you find your favourite pen when it has been stolen by a pesky thief! Much to your disappointment, we have not created such an app, but there is STILL nothing worse than when someone steals your favourite pen…right?!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our round-up of our best April Fools Day jokes. Which is your favourite? Do let us know in the comments and whether we should keep this up next year?!

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