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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes: Martha Brook x Biscuiteers Christmas event

Published 3 years ago. Estimated reading time: 3 minutes.

Nov 17

Biscuits plus stationery?! Yes please! Yesterday we popped over to the Biscuiteers boutique on the idyllic Northcote Road to host a Christmas press event filled with DIY biscuit decorating and festive hand-lettering. If you know us well, you’ll know we love an occasion so, after 18 months of virtual events, we had plenty of sweet treats in store for our attendees… read on to find out what they got up to!

For the first time ever yesterday, we held a Christmas Influencer Event where we ran through our Christmas collection with a range of influencers and ambassadors. Not only is it a wonderful excuse to bring a group of lovely people together, it’s a great way to showcase our Christmas collection! This year we were thrilled to partner with long-term friends of Martha Brook, Biscuiteers and hold the event in their Biscuit Boutique on Northcote Road.

martha brook biscuiteers christmas workshop calligraphy biscuit event

Ever wondered how Biscuiteers get their biscuits looking unbelievably perfect?! Us too! After an introduction from our founder Martha and Biscuiteers, an icing expert got the day started with a creative class where they shared top secret tips and tricks used at their very own Ministry of Biscuits.

martha brook biscuiteers christmas workshop calligraphy biscuit event

Decorating their own biscuits from the Gingerbread Happy Christmas Tin, the icing experts taught our guest flood icing techniques, where you create an icing wall around your biscuit to stop your biscuit…flooding! (We know, we had NO idea either!)  Our attendees were able to channel their creative side and decorate their own Christmas Jolly Ginger too. We’ll be the first to admit, even though they might be meant to take home, not all of them quite made it back!

martha brook biscuiteers christmas workshop calligraphy biscuit event

Once we’d all snacked on a few beautiful biscuits and other baked treats that looked almost too good to eat, Edlyl in our team held a festive modern lettering workshop to help our guests learn the art of brush lettering. With a Martha Brook lettering practice kit, a Tombow brush pen and some stationery of course, our guests got stuck in to learning how to create beautiful letterforms.

martha brook biscuiteers christmas workshop calligraphy biscuit event

Once they’d had a little practice and got used to the techniques used in modern lettering, they then went on to create their very own hand-lettered gift tags, just in time for Christmas! Whilst they were learning, Lillian in our team also personalised each of the guests their very own Vegan Leather Embossed Pencil Case, which then magically appeared at the end of the workshop!

martha brook biscuiteers christmas workshop calligraphy biscuit event

The feedback from the guests was that it was a relaxing and fun creative morning, and it reminded us just how much we love running workshops in real life! Would you be interested in attending a Martha Brook event? Let us know in the comments and keep your eyes peeled for 2022!

P.S. After some stylish stationery gifts to pop under the tree? You can shop our full Christmas collection here!

martha brook biscuiteers workshop christmas event

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