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9 highlights from the year that was 2022

Published 1 year ago. Estimated reading time: 7 minutes.

Dec 28

It’s that time of year, again! Let’s face it 2022 was…shall we say different? As we wave goodbye to another year, there’s no time like the present to pause and reflect on some of the best bits this year brought. From winning our first ever street advert to launching the UK’s first personalised stationery subscription. Amongst the challenges, 2022 has provided some proper ‘pinch us’ moments and we always like to look for the good! So, read on to find out our 9 highlights from the year that was 2022…

9 highlights from the year that was 2022

We won the Good Web Guide Awards People’s Choice Award!

martha brook blog post 9 highlights from the year that was 2022

…and with thanks to you! First up on our 9 highlights from the year that was 2022 is winning the People’s Choice Award by the Good Web Guide Awards. Our lovely community voted in droves for us in this year’s Good Web Guide Awards for People’s Choice and we were utterly thrilled to have received the highest amount of votes. Over the last two years, we’ve worked hard on keeping our website looking lovely and we’re delighted you think so too! Cheers!

Our new events page launched

martha brook blog post 9 highlights from the year that was 2022

You’ll all know we love an event! Next up on our 9 highlights from the year that was 2022 was launching a dedicated events page! We were gutted to have not been able to do our Stationery Social for the last couple of years so we wanted to create a space on our website where we can host events, but from the comfort of your own home. From planning and productivity sessions hosted by Martha to calligraphy workshops, we were so thrilled with how these went down this year that can’t wait to reveal what we’ve got in store for 2023!

We popped up in John Lewis, Oxford Street

We were delighted to have the chance to personalise our stationery in real life at the John Lewis store on Oxford Street! We got to meet lots of our lovely customers who already shop with us and introduce what we do to people who have never heard of us before. Being online only means we don’t always get to see our customers as much, so we were thrilled to be able to say hello and personalise your stationery on the spot!

The launch of the Stationery Lovers Club

martha brook blog post 9 highlights from the year that was 2022

We’d be lying if we said we hadn’t toyed with this idea for years. Actual years! It had been suggested to us by our lovely community and followers a whole heap of times, and after us putting pen to paper, we finally brought The Stationery Lovers Club to life! We were overwhelmed with the amazing response, so much so our website crashed in the process as so many of you tried to subscribe. We’re currently on a pause with the subscription whilst we’re working behind the scenes to bring it back bigger and better which we can’t wait to unveil in January 2023… eeek!

Even more amazing new stationery and productivity tools

martha brook blog post 9 highlights from the year that was 2022

At Martha Brook, we constantly strive to create uplifting and inspiring stationery that empowers you and 2022 has seriously kept us busy! If we had to select just a couple of products that sum up the best of Martha Brook in 2022, it must be the (now bestselling!) Book Journal and the Vegan Leather Refillable Notepad. But this is all with thanks to you! Not only have we been blown away by your response to them, but these were also ideas that came straight from you, suggesting to us what you’d like to see from us this year and it’s our personal highlight hearing how these make a difference to your day.

We won our first ever ad

martha brook blog post 9 highlights from the year that was 2022

Being a small business, we try our best to enter competitions so more people can discover what we do and join us on our journey. We’ve never ever done “out-of-home” advertising before where you advertise on bus stops, buses, taxis, billboards and the underground but this year we saw an opportunity we could not turn down! We entered a competition with Enterprise Nation, Adobe and JCDecaux to win advertising space on bus shelters all over the country, and we were in disbelief that we were one of their winners! You’ll all know her face around here by now but for those of you who don’t, this is our lovely designer, Lucy, who created this winning ad and as a team we simply had to pop out to see it in real life! Did you see us?!

The 5th year of our Stationery Advent Calendar

martha brook blog post 9 highlights from the year that was 2022

We say it every year, but this year’s stationery advent calendar must be one of our favourites to date. We had a few different ideas we were toying with, but we couldn’t get the whimsical wonder of this year’s design out of our minds. Designed to capture the nostalgia and fairy tale mood of Christmas 2022, our 5th stationery advent calendar was themed around the beautifully illustrated books of our childhoods, combined with the 12 days of Christmas. Now December is here, and you can start enjoying yours, it’s almost time for us to start thinking about next year’s advent calendar…

We collaborated with some amazing brands including Roald Dahl

martha brook blog post 9 highlights from the year that was 2022

Another one of our 9 highlights from 2022 was working with lovely brands. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with like-minded brands to giveaway treats and ultimately to have some fun! This year it was our pleasure to have worked with Tada & Toy, The Tartan Blanket Co, Penguin, H&M, Teapigs, Fable and more. A particular highlight for us was working with the fantastic team at Roald Dahl, which was a dream come true, to introduce a limited-edition Martha Brook x Matilda range that celebrates the launch of Matilda The Musical in cinemas.

And finally… you left us the loveliest reviews

Last up on our list of 9 highlights from the year that was 2022 is your lovely feedback. Ever since we started collecting reviews, there isn’t a day that goes by where we’re not sharing the loveliest of feedback within the team. It means the world to us and it spurs us on to keep on doing what we’re doing. We like to do everything with kindness, so you taking the time to leave us some lovely words makes all the difference. Here’s some of our favourites from this year!

And that’s a wrap! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through our 9 highlights from the year and we can’t wait to see what 2023 brings! From all of us at Martha Brook, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

P.S. You can still shop here and get organised for 2023, we’ll be taking a break over Christmas and New Year but we’ll be back from 3rd January sending out your stationery orders.

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