martha brook blog post 10 useful travel gift ideas
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10 useful travel gift ideas

Published 10 months ago. Estimated reading time: 5 minutes.

Aug 10

Finding useful travel gifts for the explorer in our lives can be tricky. With so many boxes to tick, being practical, lightweight, durable, and useful, finding a useful travel gift can leave us needing a holiday of our very own! So, we’ve done the hard work for you and have found these 10 useful travel gifts that every travel lover will not only love but will be able to use no matter where in the world they wander.

10 useful travel gifts

A cable tidy

martha brook blog post 10 useful travel gift ideas cable tidy

First up on our list of useful travel gift ideas is this gorgeous cable tidy from Stackers. Coming in incredibly handy for anyone who loves to travel, this small cable tidy will help them stay beautifully organised and can be used not only when exploring, but also around the home upon their return too.

A travel journal

martha brook blog post 10 useful travel gift ideas travel journal

While holiday photos and videos are a great way to preserve those magical moments made when travelling, there’s nothing like capturing the excitement of planning their next adventure and the magical moments made along the way in our Personalised Travel Journal. Filled with inspiring contents, our brand-new travel journal is lightweight and durable, making this the perfect travel buddy.

A locket necklace

martha brook blog post 10 useful travel gift ideas world necklace locket

A keepsake they can carry with them anywhere they go, this lovely atlas globe locket from Silk Purse Sow’s Ear can hold a little photo inside so you’ll always be close at heart, even if far from home. Enamelled by hand and engraved on the back with anything you like, this necklace makes a lovely gift for someone embarking on a longer trip across the world.

A passport cover

martha brook blog post 10 useful travel gift ideas passport cover

What could be more handy for a frequent traveller than a passport cover?! We love this stylish leather passport cover from Chasing Threads where you can stitch crosses to mark off the countries you’ve been to along the way. One of our favourite travel gift ideas, choose from a range of stylish colours to match their style.

A reusable water bottle with filter

martha brook blog post 10 useful travel gift ideas larq bottle

Any traveller will appreciate a reusable water bottle with a filter so they can hydrate hygienically wherever they roam. With plenty to choose from, we love Larq’s stylish bottles and their filters last two months so this practical gift will come in handy on those venturing a little further afield.

An eye and audio mask

martha brook blog post 10 useful travel gift ideas snooze band

Perfect for long plane and train journeys, catch up on some well needed zzz’s with this Snoozeband. Doubling up as an eye mask with headphones, they can block out the world around them by listening to their favourite audio book, movie or calming noises as they rest up. The perfect gift for those taking long haul flights, inter-railing, or spending time at a hostel!

An instant camera

martha brook blog post 10 useful travel gift ideas instax pink mini camera

Small enough to fit in a rucksack or suitcase, this lovely little instant camera by Fujifilm is next up on our list of useful travel gift ideas. The perfect way for them to fill out their travel journal, and also show you some of their favourite places, people and experiences of their travels upon their return. We guarantee this mini instant camera will be treasured and used long after their travels have ended!

A key ring travel tokens

martha brook blog post 10 useful travel gift ideas travel token keyring

If their list of countries travelled to is growing by the day, this lovely key ring travel token by The Wander Club makes a lovely keepsake they can take with them wherever they go next. With a token per country, this can be built upon and added to as they broaden their travel horizons, not forgetting all the wonderful places they’ve explored.

A sunglasses case

martha brook blog post 10 useful travel gift ideas sunglasses case

From snow-capped mountains to crystal white waters, a sunglasses or glasses case is an essential item when travelling so treat them to our very own personalised vegan leather sunglasses case. Embossed with their initials, this case isn’t bulky so makes a great lightweight item to pack into any suitcase or rucksack.

A travel document holder

martha brook blog post 10 useful travel gift ideas travel document organiser

Last up on our list, but certainly not least is this delightful travel document holder by Magpie Decor, storing all their need to have travel documents and boarding passes in one place. With lovely tabs so they can be organised and efficient when making their way through airports, there’s also space to store money too.

We hope this list of useful travel gifts has helped to inspire you to treat them to something they can actually use whilst travelling the world! Let us know if there are any other travel gift ideas that you would recommend in the comments!

P.S. Discover the newest addition to our journal range, the personalised travel journal, designed to help them capture all the magical moments made when travelling.

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