martha brook blog post 20 brilliant father's day messages to write in a father's day card

20 brilliant Father’s Day messages to write in a Father’s Day card

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Jun 11

Oh, Fathers Day! As we say hello to June, it quickly creeps up on us out of nowhere. Buying a Father’s Day card is the easy bit, but knowing what to write inside is…not so easy! If you’re feeling uninspired or you’re simply stumped for words, fear not, we’ve got your back! From funny to thoughtful, we’ve compiled a list of 20 Father’s Day messages to write in a Father’s Day card, perfect for any father or father figure.

martha brook blog post 20 brilliant father's day messages to write in a father's day card

20 Father’s Day messages

Here are our 20 brilliant Father’s Day messages…

  1. Happy Father’s Day dad! You might tell them all year round but for today (and today only) you’re allowed unlimited Dad jokes…
  2. Happy Father’s Day to one of my favourite parents! (Don’t tell mum!) You’re the best.
  3. I might not tell you often enough, but you mean the world to me dad. Happy Father’s Day!
  4. Happiest of Father’s Day pops! Thank you for always being there to give me solid advice and guide me in the right direction. What would I do without you?!
  5. Out of all the dads in the world, I’m so lucky you’re mine. Today is all about celebrating you!
  6. If Dad’s were flowers, I’d pick you every time. Happy Father’s Day dad.
  7. Dad, I love you more than chocolate (and that’s a preeeeetty big amount so you know I’m being serious).
  8. I may not be perfect, and that’s totally okay because I forgive you. Just kidding! I love you loads.
  9. Dad, sorry about your children. At least you’ve got me! Happy Father’s Day to the coolest dad around.
  10. Happy Father’s Day! How lucky am I that I got you as my Dad?!
  11. Super dad! Happy Father’s Day to the bestest dad in the whole wide world.
  12. No matter how old I get, I’ll never be too old to need my dad. Happy Father’s Day.
  13. Thank you Dad for all the love you’ve shown us, now it’s our turn to spoil you rotten!
  14. It takes someone really special to be a Dad, and someone with a lot of patience to be my dad! Happy Father’s Day!
  15. There’s no better role model than you Dad.
  16. Hoping you have a Father’s Day as special as you are!
  17. I’ll always be grateful to have a Dad as magnificent as you are. I’m so proud to be your daughter/son!
  18. Dad, you were right about everything! (Keep this card as proof I’ve said it!)
  19. Happy Father’s Day to the coolest, kindest, best dad around. You rock!
  20. I smile because you are my dad, I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it! Thanks for putting up with me.  

So there you have it! 20 father’s day messages suitable for every kind of Dad or father figure. And if you’re in need of a Father’s Day card to write your Father’s Day messages in, look no further! Our range of Father’s Day cards is filled with funny and thoughtful cards simply perfect for popping your father’s day messages into.

martha brook blog post 20 brilliant Father's Day messages to write in a father's day card

What’s your favourite message?

Got some of your own go-to father’s day messages? Let us know in the comments which Father’s Day messages you’ll be writing in your Father’s Day card to inspire our community!

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