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What are glimmers and how to find them

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May 13

In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week, we are thrilled to have launched the Personalised Glimmers Journal in partnership with PANDAS Foundation in a bid to not only raise funds for families affected by pre and post natal mental health illnesses, but to also raise awareness for the importance of finding your glimmers.

You might be thinking “wait, what are glimmers?” but fear not, we’re here to help! Read on to find out what glimmers are, why they’re so good for our mental health and how you can find them daily…

What are glimmers?

Ever heard your favourite song in a coffee shop which filled you with joy? Or perhaps you’ve walked past a tree in full bloom that brought a smile to your face? That’s a glimmer. Glimmers are those every day micro-moments of joy that bring you a sense of inner peace, happiness and calm. A great way to think of them is the direct opposite of triggers, they are totally unique to you and give you a much-needed lift when you notice them. The practice of recognising glimmers on the daily helps to make each day that little bit more manageable, even when you might feel your greyest. They’re also incredibly infectious because over time, the more you notice your own glimmers, the more of them you’ll find.

Why are glimmers good for mental health?

Glimmers are so much more than just putting a smile on your face, they’re hugely beneficial for your mental health too. They give your well-being a much-needed boost and can help you feel present during the most challenging of times. Acknowledging and appreciating these little moments of awe not only gives you feelings of positivity, they also help to regulate your nervous system too. You’ll soon notice your breathing begin to calm, your shoulders begin to drop and your posture relax when noticing your own glimmers. Glimmers might be small but they are mighty!

How can I find the glimmers?

Looking for glimmers isn’t always easy, especially when you feel off-kilter, but really glimmers can be found anywhere and everywhere if you know where to find them. Tell yourself today is the day you’re going to find just one glimmer and place yourself in an environment that you know brings you joy. For example, heading out for a walk amongst nature is a great place to start for many. Or perhaps it’s going to your favourite coffee shop and having your favourite drink. These little delights are really are all around for those who know where to look for them.

Another great tip if you’re looking to find your own glimmers is to jot them down in our PANDAS x Martha Brook Personalised Glimmers Journal. Having a safe place that is dedicated to your own glimmers is a great way to flick back through them when you’re in need of a little extra boost. Whether you choose to stick photos and stubs in, or just use it to write down a glimmer a day, that’s totally up to you! The Glimmers Journal is filled with lined paper so you can use this however you need and in a way that completely suits you.

We hope this answers the question of what are glimmers and how to find them! We would love to know in the comments what your glimmers are to share with our community and encourage others to find their own glimmers too!

P.S. The PANDAS x Martha Brook limited-edition Personalised Glimmers Journal is on sale from 13th May to 27th May only. Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on one!

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