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15 hilarious things stationery lovers can relate to

Published 2 years ago. Estimated reading time: 7 minutes.

May 17

This week is National Stationery Week (yay!) and yes, this will be the best seven days of the year for anyone who’s partial to pretty stationery. There are certain things only stationery lovers can relate to; the satisfaction when you find the perfect pen, the indescribable elation at the smell of a fresh diary, the fear you’ll make a spelling mistake on the first page of a brand-new notebook. We stand with you! Here are 15 other things only real stationery addicts will get…

You take picking a pen far too seriously

Hands up if you’ve spent far too much time browsing different pens and testing them! *(raises hands) Security giving us dodgy looks because we’ve been in hovering in a well-known high street stationery store just a little too long. People need to understand this is serious business and a decision not to be made lightly. All stationery lovers can relate to the fact that a rubbish pen is just simply not going to happen, not on our watch.

The elation you feel when you find the perfect pen

There are fewer things in life that feel as good as the perfect pen does. As soon as it’s in your grip, you just know this is going to be good. So much so, you stock up just in case the absolute worst happens. After all, what kind of stationery lover are you without a little stationery stockpile?!

…and the pure anger when someone borrows it

The audacity! Lending out your most treasured pen is nothing short of painful, and every moment that has passed is one where you hope to be reunited with said favourite pen once again.  We won’t lie, we’ve 100% considered fibbing and saying we didn’t have one on us. #ProtectThePen

You’ve acquired a very specific life skill of sharpening pencils

This is one all stationery lovers can relate to! There’s nothing, we repeat, nothing more satisfying than those beautifully formed curls after sharpening them to the perfect point. We may not be able to add this our CV but how isn’t this appreciated as a wide-spread art form already?!

When you refuse to write in a brand-new notebook

Because buying beautiful notebooks but not using them is totally normal behaviour. We all have the one that we love so much (too much) that the thought of spoiling those crisp pages with ink, even from your favourite pen, is simply too much to contemplate. Only the most special of occasions call for those notebooks…

A fresh pack of pastel highlighters

martha brook blog post things stationery lovers can relate to pastel highlighters

No explanation needed. We’ll just leave this one here…

You sniff notebooks when no one is looking

Are you really a stationery lover if you don’t give your brand-new notebook a really good, long sniff? It’s like our very own initiation all notebooks must go through before being used.  Sure, you may get the odd look here and there but who cares, you’ve just bought a delicious, crisp new notebook. Happy days!

You think the first page is the most important page

martha brook blog post things stationery lovers can relate to first page

Why is it the very first page of a brand-new notebook just hits differently to any other? Those beautiful crisp pages and edges, the newness of it all, the pressure to make no mistakes. It’s all too exciting!

Matching your stationery to your outfit

Your OOTD just got upped to a whole new level. We might match our pens and pencils by colour and by type, but boy do we love matching our outfits with our favourite pieces of stationery.  Pink notebook, pink top, pink pen. It’s a big yes from us.

You get jealous of people with beautiful handwriting

martha brook blog post things stationery lovers can relate to calligraphy script font letter

We’ve all been a little self-conscious of our haggard handwriting, but nothing triggers our green-eyed monster more than beautiful, curvaceous handwriting. Some people are just naturally blessed with a font of their very own, and little do they realise us stationery obsessed would give our left foot to have pages as beautifully presented as theirs.

You feel the pure pressure of writing the first sentence in your new notebook…

You even practice your handwriting first. Making that sacred first mark in a brand-new notebook is big business. You can’t afford to have sloppy handwriting, a pen that’s out of ink, or, heaven forbid, to make a dreaded spelling mistake. Otherwise, you’ll have to rip out the page and that just will not do. We’re not being dramatic or anything…but the whole notebook will be spoilt.

You never underestimate the power of a brand-new notebook

martha brook blog post things only stationery lovers can relate to vegan leather notebook a5 dusky rose

A brand-new notebook isn’t just a brand-new notebook. It’s your entire future, each page holding all different possibilities and opportunities. Hello, organised, productive me!

You are fully functioning adult, but you still go ‘back to school’ stationery shopping

Let’s reminisce about the most exciting thing about going back to school… the new stationery. Of course, the new term meant we had to have a new snazzy pencil case, new gel pens (smelly ones please!) and a new organiser. But just because we left school over 10 years ago doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a little stationery shopping in August…right!? Honestly, we’re here for any and every excuse for new stationery.

When to-do lists are the love of your life

martha brook blog post things stationery lovers can relate to to do list

It’s a well-known fact that when you write things down, you perform better at the task at hand. It’s for that reason, amongst many others, that we don’t just like a list, we love a list. With a list in front of you and the day ahead of you, you can accomplish anything by breaking down bigger projects into smaller tasks. And, you can tick them off as you go. Now that is what we call fun! Looking for a new desk pad for your to-do lists? Look no further…

…and you add something you’ve already done just to tick it off

Guilty. As. Charged. This is something all stationery lovers can relate to, for sure. That small task you’ve just completed but wasn’t on your to-do list? Pop it on and tick it off. Ah, the satisfaction is real! There’s no shame in adding those tasks on. Let’s admit that we’ve all done it.  Because let’s face it, if it wasn’t on the list, was it even completed?

So there you have it, fellow stationery lover. We’re sure you can tick off plenty, if not all, of  these things only stationery lovers can relate to. If there are any other things you can think of that only stationery lovers can relate to, please do share them with us in the comments!

P.S. If this post has you hungry for a little stationery stock-up, why not pop over for a little browse?

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7 months ago

The one thing that had me enraged was when I lent a precious fountain pen to a classmate of mine, and she returned it with the nib bent and broken and the cap bitten and twisted, she promised to replace it and never did…
Another time, a classmate A stole my fountain pen and gave it to her friend, telling her that I had given it to classmate A!!

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