The unexpected benefits of letter writing

Written by Team Brook. Published 4 years ago. Estimated reading time: 4 minutes.

May 7

We are so lucky to live in a world where at the tap of the button we can Zoom, Facetime, and Whatsapp, but nothing beats receiving a physical letter does it? Having a handwritten envelope land on your doormat is one of life’s greatest small pleasures. That frisson of excitement of tearing it open, that touch of the paper inside, seeing someone’s handwriting and knowing the time and care that has gone into writing each word, instead of just another hastily tapped text.

However, did you know there’s a load of benefits to being the letter sender? Here are five brilliant reasons to put your pen to paper this weekend…

1. Writing a letter makes you happier
We know that writing on pretty stationery makes us feel good, so it made us super happy to discover an actual study that confirms it as fact! In 2012 the Journal of Happiness Studies published a study where Stephen Toepfler et al looked at the effects of writing letters of gratitude. They found that it increased the happiness and life satisfaction of those who took part. And interestingly, the more letter-writing people did over the three weeks of the study, the happier and more satisfied they were. So, you can officially say that the more you write, the happier you become!

2. A letter can be cherished
You can’t keep a Whatsapp message, and yes whilst you might keep an email, honestly, how many have you ever actually printed out? But a letter is different, it has the same magic quality as a photo. Whether it’s pages and pages, or a short scribbled notecard with a few words of encouragement, being able to hold it in your hands, display it on your noticeboard or keep it in a drawer means that your words are much more likely to be treasured for years.


3. It’s a simple way to be mindful
When we send a text or an email we spend so little time quickly firing something out, relying so often on emojis (gotta love them) and predicted text to communicate a quick response. Writing a letter is different, it requires a great deal more thoughtfulness. It lets you pause, take yourself away from a screen, and get some time out to think about what you would like to say. It’s a simple way to have a moment of mindfulness – being fully present in the moment.

4. It is a hug in an envelope to loved ones…
In these strange times when we’d love nothing more than to give our friends and family a good hug, posting a letter can be a wonderful way to feel closer to those you love. Penning a handwritten letter makes you feel significantly more emotionally engaged with the person you are writing to, then if you simply sent an email or text. And for the person receiving your pretty post, there is a sense of comfort and love, which can bring far greater connection than a digital message.

5. …And a token of kindness to strangers
We recently discovered the brilliant charity From Me to You, which encourages people to write a letter to cancer patients. They collect and hand out the letters in hospitals where the patients are receiving treatment. At the moment when distributing letters in hospital is tough, they are encouraging everyone to simply write a letter to someone who may need it the most. They are still accepting letter donations along with ‘thank you’ letters to the NHS and once this is all over, they will be delivering them, so if you don’t have anyone you want to write to this weekend, why not spread some sunshine and write to a stranger? Pop on over to their website and read how to donate a letter here.


So, why not pick up a pen and send a letter? If you need some pretty stationery to help you on your way, you can find all our Notecards & Writing Sets – including those pictured in this blog – here.

We hope we’ve inspired you to send a handwritten note to someone special, and we’d love to hear how you get on if you do!

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