martha brook blog post how to press flowers book clamp method

How to press flowers with these 3 easy steps

Published 2 years ago. Estimated reading time: 2 minutes.

Jun 21

Summer is finally here and we’re not the only ones enjoying the warm sunshine! As our gardens and outdoor spaces come into full bloom, we’ll find any excuse to spend some spare time relaxing amongst all mother nature has to offer. No matter if you have a huge variety of flowers starting to show their gorgeous colours or just a select few favourites in a window box, make summer last even longer by learning how to press flowers with these 3 easy steps.

martha brook blog post how to press flowers book clamp method

Things you’ll need

  • Your favourite flowers of course!
  • A sturdy, heavy book and preferably one you don’t mind getting a tad grubby
  • Paper to absorb any water (blotting paper, baking paper or thin cardboard will do!)
  • Something heavy to weigh the book down

Top tips before you get started

  • Choose flowers that are close to full bloom
  • Make sure your flowers are completely dry by leaving them somewhere warm
  • Gently separate the petals of large flowers
martha brook blog post how to press flowers book clamp method

 How to press flowers

  1. Step one in our list of how to press flowers is to make sure you’ve selected some flowers and get them ready to be pressed. To get that full pressed flower effect, gently separate any petals, especially on larger stems, and then arrange on one sheet of the paper inside the book. If you’re pressing more than one stem or flower, make sure there’s enough space between each.
  2. Next, add another sheet of paper on top of the flowers to help protect your book then gently close the book to avoid too much movement of the flowers. Place something heavy on top that will apply some pressure and leave somewhere nice and dry. Our top tip: If you don’t have a weight, perhaps use something else like a heavy flowerpot or a vase!
  3. Next, wait for your flowers to dry. It can be hard to know when they’re ready, but it all depends on the size of the flowers and petals you’ve chosen, it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. If you’re not sure, give them a check by gently opening the book to have a sneak peek.
martha brook blog post how to press flowers book clamp method

Now you know how to press flowers! We hope you’ve found this guide helpful and can get to work on starting to press some beautiful blooms from your own garden.

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