martha brook blog post how to address an envelope

Easy tips on how to address an envelope

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Mar 4

Here at Martha Brook, it’s no lie that we love any excuse to use our ever-growing hoard of stationery and put pen to paper. We think there’s something wonderfully nostalgic about writing a letter and popping it in the post, so we thought we’d jot down some easy and effective tips on how to make yours look lovely. Read on for tips on how to address an envelope, and if you love this, make sure to check out our Lovely Letter Exchange!

How to address an envelope

Okay, so you’re wanting to send some snail mail? One of the most wonderful things about sending something lovely through the post is how unique and creative you can be. The sky is the limit! This is a chance to get creative with your own writing or if you’re feeling brave have a go at some brush lettering and illustrations! Whatever you decide, we can guarantee that person receiving your letter will love receiving this when it comes through their letterbox.

The basics

martha brook blog post how to address an envelope layout

It seems simple but make sure that your address and postcode match if you want your letter to arrive at the right place and on time! Many countries have specific requirements for addressing an envelope correctly so it’s well worth a check before you get started.

A tip: pop a return address on the back. Just in case there’s any hiccups at the post office, this will tell the post person where to send the letter back to. In England, the return address is written on the back of the envelope but this varies for other countries so do check beforehand.

Next, place your stamp in the top right-hand corner! We know this step usually comes last but this will help you to make sure you have plenty of room for any flourishes and lettering you may want to do on your envelope.

The extras

martha brook blog post how to address an envelope make it interesting

Now it’s time to get creative! Have a think about what type of font you would like but we like a mixture of sans serif, serif and fancy flourishes. It’s good to mix things up as it makes your envelope more exciting, not only for you but for the person receiving your lovely letter. Make sure that the person’s name and the postcode are the most prominent so you can play around with scale and sizes to make these larger!

Try and be as personal with your words and illustrations as you can be. Think of the envelope as a blank canvas that you can literally turn into a little work of art! The aim is to bring joy to the person opening it. What’s their favourite flower? Do they have a favourite colour or a specific quote they like? As long as you follow these few basic rules you can be as creative as you like with your drawings!

We hope this has inspired you to try sending something lovely through the post! We’d love to see what you create so if you feel like sharing please tag us in your photos! @marthabrookldn.

P.S. There’s still time to sign up to The Lovely Letter Exchange where you send something lovely in the post, and receive something back! Find out more here.

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