Martha Brook Create an inspiring workspace blog post

5 easy tips to create an inspiring workspace

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Oct 28

Does your workspace need a little…work? Whether your desk is in the corner of your bedroom or you’re back in the office, we’ve come up with just 5 easy tips to create an inspiring workspace that’ll turn any dull desk into a warm, welcoming workspace that sparks the imagination. From stylish storage solutions to adding a touch of greenery, these simple steps will help you be your most productive self, no matter where your work is!

1. Be creative with space

martha brook create an inspiring workspace blog post

Perhaps you’ve got a desk set-up on your kitchen bar or maybe you’re back in the office after a year of WFH? No matter whereabouts your workspace may be, it should always be a comfortable and creative space that fuels the imagination! Having a spot that’s dedicated to working will separate out work and play, helping you close the door on your workday, so to speak. A tip from us: make sure you invest in a decent chair – sitting on something supportive and comfortable 9-5 will look after your body as well as help with those brilliant ideas!

2. Get rid of clutter with stylish storage

We know what you’re thinking, ‘how can storage be stylish?!’ But hear us out! Colourful storage, like Martha’s blush Mustard locker, or shelves are a fantastic way to create an inspiring workspace by keep all of your chunky office items out of sight and out of mind whilst adding some character to your workspace. Saying that, not everything needs to be packed away. For the items you need close to hand, like your notebooks, planner or pens and pencils, use desk accessories, such as our new gold wire letter rack or gold wire document organiser that’ll make your desk look so darn good you’ll want to show it off to the world. 

3. Bring the outside in

We think no desk is complete without a plant or some flowers! No matter how little or large your workspace is, they brighten up any room AND have plenty of health benefits. Did you know house plants can reduce stress, increase creativity, purify the air AND more?! Impressive! Make sure you choose a plant pot that matches the rest of your workspace so it feels right at home on your desk and suits your style.

4. Add uplifting personal touches

Surround yourself with colourful personal touches in your workspace that make it feel like your own. Whether that’s art prints of some of your favourite places, polaroids of memorable moments or motivational phrases propped up in our solid brass round photo holder, personal touches really do help to create an inspiring workspace to help you through those tougher days. Display them with pride and make your workspace a place that fills you with joy every day of the week.

5. Pick stationery that empowers

martha brook create an inspiring workspace blog post personalised vegan leather notebook

And last but most certainly not least… don’t forget the stationery! We’re huge believers in the power of writing things down and that beautiful stationery can make such a difference to the everyday and to your desk. Which is why our stationery not only looks lovely, its designed to empower and inspire you on a daily basis. With thoughtful prompts and tools to help with productivity and self-kindness, we’re on a mission to help people feel happier and more organised! You can see more of our stationery, desk essentials and even get ahead with your Christmas shopping on our website here.

We hope these 5 simple steps to help you create an inspiring workspace has inspired you to give your desk a little love! Let us know how you feel about your workspace in the comments, and tag us in your pictures on Instagram where we regularly share desk inspiration!

P.S. Give your desk a little love! Take a peek of our new-in desk accessories here!

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