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Find out your birth month flower with Bloom & Wild

Published 3 years ago. Estimated reading time: 9 minutes.

Sep 2

From Scorpio to Sagittarius, our bet is that you know your zodiac. Whether that’s taking your star sign a little more seriously to giving the back of a magazine a glance and reading out your friends’ signs too (guilty!). You probably know your own birthstone too but not that many people know that there are birth month flowers and each has its own special meaning! In this guest blog from Bloom & Wild, find out which birth flower is yours, and what each birth month flower symbolises…

January: Carnation and Snow Drop

Unlike other flowers, carnations thrive in winter, making this January’s primary birth month flower. Known for their gorgeous, ruffled petals, you’ll know carnations come in a variety of colours making a perfect gift for those with birthdays right at the start of the year!

Symbolising loyalty, devotion and love, the carnation is believed to have first bloomed from Mary’s tears as she cried for Jesus, so this stunning flower is rumoured to have been around for thousands of years.

If this is your birth flower, you’re someone who is trustworthy, extremely loyal, and has endless love for those around you.

February: Violet and Primrose

We know what you’re thinking… the February birth month flower must be a rose, right?! Wrong! One misconception about February is the birth flower would represent this popular flower for Valentine’s Day but it’s actually very similar to the February birthstone instead, Amethyst. Featuring those same lush tones of purple, the Violet flower is the primary birth flower for February.

The vivid violet’s history stems back to the days in Ancient Greece where this flower was used for medicine, to sweeten wine and infused in love potions because of their heart-shaped petals! Symbolising faithfulness and youth, if you’re a February baby, this means you’re likely to be a humble and honest and pretty good person to be around.

March: Daffodil and Jonquil

The official start of Spring can only mean one thing…the birth month flower for March is Daffodils and Jonquils. Seen across fields and greenery alike, daffodils are the first sign that spring is upon us and are such happy flowers with their bright yellow petals. Seen as a sign of good luck, it’s no surprise they’re the national flower for Wales!

Known to have bloomed since the 17th century, the daffodils have long been known for new beginnings, luck and prosperity so those with birthdays in March are often happy, cheerful and optimistic characters who, very much like the Daffodil, find it easy to brighten someone’s day.

April: Daisy and Sweet Pea

If you’re born in April, your birth month flowers are daisy and sweet pea! The primary birth flower, the sweet and simple daisy, is rumoured to be one of the oldest flowers on earth with drawings found carved in stone that dates back to 3000BC.

Representing innocence, transformation and loyalty, April babies are sweet, kind and loyal people to have around. A beautiful bouquet of daisies also makes a great gift to a new mum as it represents fertility and motherhood!

May: Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn

The birth month flowers for May are lily of the valley and hawthorn. With a sweet fragrance and soft flowers, the lily of the valley is a favourite amongst the royals and symbolises the return of happiness and humility.

There are many tales of where the lily of the valley originated from – some say they appeared when Eve’s tears fell after she was evicted from the Garden of Eden and others believe that when St. Leonard fought a petrifying dragon for hours, lilies grew where his blood fell.

If you’re born in May, you’re probably someone who is full of hope and sweetness, making you an absolute joy to be around.

June: Rose and Honeysuckle

The June birth month flowers are rose and honeysuckle. One of the most popular flowers of all time, the rose comes in a huge variety of colours and each colour has its own meaning, making them suitable for almost every occasion.

Loved by many, including Shakespeare himself, the rose has been around for centuries and is known to symbolise beauty, love and honour. Offered to the Gods by Ancient Egyptians and identified as love by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, it’s no surprise the rose still is one of the most iconic symbols of devotion.

If you’re born in June, this flower symbolises beauty on the inside as well as the outside with an honourable streak too.

July: Delphinium and Water Lily

The birth month flowers of July are delphinium and water lily. Closely associated with positivity, the delphiniums are happy and cheerful flowers, perfect for adding a little sunshine to someone’s day. A classic British flower, you can find delphiniums blooming wildly in many woodland areas around the UK, growing up to a whopping six feet tall.

Named after the dolphin due to the flower bud resembling the shape of a dolphin’s nose, they are said to represent an open heart, positivity and grace. So those with July birthdays are believed to be some of the most kind-hearted people around!

August: Gladiolus and Poppy

The birth month flowers for August are gladiolus and poppy. Blooming later on in the summer, gladiolus come in a rainbow of beautiful colours and is named after the Latin word ‘gladius’ meaning ‘sword’ for their distinct pointy shape. Originating in the 17th and 18th centuries and sticking closely to its name, gladiolus flowers were used to shower gladiator champions after winning a fight.

Known for representing strength of character, generosity and moral integrity, those born in this late summer month are known to be fierce, strong and independent.

September: Aster and Morning Glory

The birth month flowers for September are aster and morning glory. If you know a little Latin, you’ll know that aster means ‘star’, and this lovely little flower is named this due to its shape.

Unlike other birth flowers that bloom in their particular months, the aster blooms all year round but as Autumn approaches, they’re the most vibrant flowers that can be found.

Representing love, wisdom and faith, if you’re born in September we bet you love fiercely and offer great advice to all those around you. 

October: Marigold and Cosmos

The birth month flowers for October are marigold and cosmos. With rich, beautiful autumnal colours and a spicy scent, marigolds are the perfect flower for this time of year and make a wonderful gift in a bouquet for anyone celebrating another year around the sun in October.

A sturdy flower through and through, it’s no wonder they represent stubbornness and determination. With their bright petals and colourful nature, they also symbolise warmth and creativity. So, if your birthday is in October, you’re probably a hard-working, driven and creative person.

November: Chrysanthemum

The birth month flower for November is the chrysanthemum. Available in a wonderful spectrum of colours, these flowers are believed to bring good luck and joy into every home!

First cultivated in China in the 15th century, chrysanthemums are so loved in China and Japan they actually have their own dedicated day – the Festival of Happiness.

Their variety of colour means they have many different meanings, depending on the colour of the flower, but on the whole, chrysanthemums represent friendship, honesty and happiness, meaning you probably make a pretty great friend to those closest to you.  

December: Holly and Narcissus

The birth month flowers for December are holly and narcissus. The only ‘birth flower’ that isn’t technically a flower, holly is symbolic of Christmas with its’ dark green leaves and bright, festive red berries.

Did you know Holly used to be an effective way to protect places from witches in Pagan times? Nowadays, holly is known for good fortune, peace and merriment. They make a lovely addition to a bouquet for anyone celebrating a birthday close to Christmas Day.

We hope you’ve learned something new with this birth month flower guide by bloom experts over at Bloom & Wild! If you’d like to know more, head over to their full birth flower guide.

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