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martha brook blog post 7 reasons why you should start a journal
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7 fantastic reasons you should start a journal

Published 8 months ago. Estimated reading time: 5 minutes.

Oct 10

Whilst many of us don’t need much persuading to use stationery, starting a journal can feel like a big commitment. But, putting pen to paper for just 5 minutes a day is a tried-and-tested tonic for the soul and is one of the easiest and most effective acts of self-care. Read on for 7 fantastic reasons you should a start a journal today to reap the many rewards…

What is journaling?

First, let’s kick off with explaining what journaling is. We like to think journaling takes many shapes and forms but ultimately, journaling is the simple task of writing freely in a dedicated notebook. Whether you like to stick to a specific format, such as Morning Pages which Martha tried here, or you keep a gratitude journal and write just a few lines a day, all types of journaling is soothing for the mind, and body. Read on for why you should start a journal…

martha brook 7 reasons you should start a journal

7 fantastic reasons you should start a journal

It will help you achieve your goals

First up on our list of reasons you should start a journal is to achieve your goals, no matter how big or small. By writing down what you hope to achieve, keeping a daily journal helps you to stay on track with your progress. Not only will it help you have a better understanding of what’s working well and what you need to tweak to get there, but it will also motivate you to keep on the right path too.

It gives you clarity  

A journal is a place where you write freely and unashamedly…see it as a best friend you want to rant to about something. Writing without an audience means you write truthfully about an event or situation which can help you to process your emotions better, understand why you’re feeling what you’re feeling and gives you some much-needed clarity and perspective.

It reduces stress and anxiety

Keeping a daily journal is an effective and easy way to reduce stress and anxiety. By writing down an entry a day, it can help to take a load off and give you the opportunity to learn what causes you stress and anxiety in the first place. With a better understanding of your triggers, you’ll soon learn coping strategies that work for you to manage these feelings.

It can make you appreciate the small things

Gratitude journals are a great way to help you focus more on positivity and gratitude to help you see the good in every day. Whether you write a line a day in your notebook about something you’re grateful for that day, or perhaps you want to invest in a specific gratitude journal like our very own here, this daily habit will help to reduce intrusive thoughts and start your day on a more positive note.

martha brook blog post 7 reasons you should start a journal martha brook journals

It can strengthen your memory

We can all agree that we remember something better if we have it safely written down somewhere. By keeping a journal, the act of physically writing something down means your brain is much more likely to commit it to memory. Having a daily journal is like taking our brain to the gym, a mental work out so to speak, strengthening your memory making it nice and healthy for the future.

It doesn’t cost a lot

You might want to invest in one of our lovely personalised journals, or you might want to use that notebook you’ve not written in yet. Whatever you decide to use to journal in, once you’ve got your journal and a pen, you’re good to go! It really is as easy as that!

martha brook 7 reasons you should start a journal book style notebook

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time

As we spoke about earlier when we explained what journaling is, journaling is whatever you want it to be and whatever format that works for you. There are plenty of styles to follow, from one line a day to 3 full pages every day, but it’s finding your writing rhythm and what suits you best to make sure this becomes a positive habit. The only rule is to make sure you’re physically writing, laptops, tablets and phones don’t count! The rest is up to you…

We hope this has inspired you start a journal, no matter what you want to journal about! If you want to know the powerful benefits of journaling, you can check out our article here.

P.S. From gratitude journals to book journals to IVF journals, check out our personalised journal range filled with useful prompts if you’re not sure where to begin.

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