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martha brook blog post 6 ways to live more sustainably
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6 ways to live more sustainably

Published 12 months ago. Estimated reading time: 5 minutes.

Jun 13

In honour of World Environment Day last week, we’re sharing some easy ways you can live more sustainably to help protect Mother Nature and this lovely planet we call home. This year’s theme is #BeatPlasticPollution but we’ve got even more easy ways that you can make small changes every day that will make a big difference…

Ways to live more sustainably

Invest in a flask and reusable water bottle

martha brook blog post 6 ways to live more sustainably klean kanteen

First up on our list of ways to live more sustainably is by investing in your own reusable flask and water bottle. This is a great way to stay hydrated and get that coffee fix whilst beating plastic pollution. Did you know it’s estimated 7.7 billion plastic bottles are used in the UK every year?! So having a go-to water bottle and flask you can take with you everywhere is pretty important. We love Klean Kanteen, the OG’s when it comes to reusable water bottles and flasks. Not only were they the the first BPA free stainless steel water bottle in the states back in 2004, they’re a brilliant company putting the planet above profit.

Choose where to buy from

martha brook blog post 6 ways to live more sustainably choose where to buy from

These days it’s so much easier to know the journey of the product you’re looking to get your hands on. With recognised accreditation, such as B Corp, to shopping locally, there’s plenty you can do to reduce your carbon footprint by choosing where you buy from. Choose to shop from smaller brands that either create their goods in the UK (like we do here at Martha Brook), meaning there’s less emissions from shipping materials or opt for a brand that creates goods from recycled materials, turning trash into treasure. It’s never been easier to look for brands that are working harder to be greener! You can find out more about what we do here.


martha brook blog post 6 ways to live more sustainably staycation

Globally we’re estimated to take around 32 million flights in 2023 alone…that’s a lot of holidays! We fully appreciate the need for a lounge in the sun with a book and a cold glass of something to quench the thirst by a pool, but if you’re after ways to live more sustainably, this is one of them! Swap in your abroad get-away for a staycation, enjoying all your home country has to offer. By doing this just once offsets your carbon footprint that equates to a year’s worth of CO2 without flying.

Think about who you’re voting for

martha brook blog post 6 ways to live more sustainably use your vote

This one might feel a little rogue, but you can live more sustainably by really considering who you’ll be voting for in your next local or general election. The parties pledges may focus heavily on improving emissions in your area, or they may have some creative ideas around recycling plastic. Using your vote means using your voice for the better, so this is a quick win to support your local MP and their mission for a greener future.

Take part in a volunteering day

martha brook blog post 6 ways to live more sustainably take a volunteer day

If you’re hoping to live more sustainably and want to reduce plastic waste, a great way to achieve this is by donning your litter pickers and heading to the streets! Every year at Martha Brook, we pledge bags and collect litter off the streets for Keep Britain Tidy’s Great British Spring Clean initiative and whenever else we can. Change starts with us all, so why not suggest this to your employer or create your own recycling and litter picking initiatives at work?

Make small changes around your home

martha brook blog post 6 ways to live more sustainably tote bag

When it comes to making changes in our lives to be more sustainable, we always end up thinking of the most drastic and expensive changes that we can’t afford to make. But in reality, it’s the everyday changes that we can make around our home that will make a big difference too. Invest in some tote bags instead of single use plastic bags to do your food shopping, and why not support local farmers and get your milk delivered in a reusable glass bottle instead of plastic? By swapping cling film for Tupperware or silicone cover, these small changes you can make can have a great impact with a little consistency.

We hope this has inspired you to live more sustainably and to make small everyday changes that will have a great impact on this planet! Are there any others ways you live sustainably that you would like to share? Pop them in the comments!

P.S. If you’re after some sustainable stationery, check out our Recycled Coffee Cup Notebook Collection, made from coffee cups destined for landfill, or our Ocean Plastic Notebook range, made from plastic found in our oceans.

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