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martha brook blog post 25 useful journaling prompts for beginners
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25 useful journaling prompts for beginners

Published 1 year ago. Estimated reading time: 3 minutes.

Feb 8

Thinking of starting a journal? Writing things down can be one incredibly cathartic exercise that, we personally find, takes a huge weight off. Known to have a huge impact on your mental health, keeping a daily journal can reduce anxiety and increasing your general mental wellbeing. Sounds great, right?! Sometimes putting pen to paper isn’t all that easy, and knowing where to start can often put us off in the first place before we’ve even begun. So, to get you started, we’ve jotted down these 25 useful journaling prompts for beginners if you’re feeling a little lost for words.

martha brook blog post 25 useful journaling prompts for beginners a new chapter novel-style notebook

A tip: remember to lead with positivity. Whilst we find a journal is the best place to rant without judgement, this technique of journaling helps to increase your happiness and to discover little pockets of happiness from the every day.

25 useful journaling prompts for beginners

  1. How am I feeling today?
  2. How do I want to feel?
  3. What am I looking forward to this week?
  4. What is something I am grateful for right now?
  5. What is something that has made me happy recently?
  6. What is something you love about yourself?
  7. What have I learnt recently that I didn’t know before?
  8. What changes could I make to my daily routine to make myself feel happier and healthier?
  9. What’s the best thing that could happen to me tomorrow?
  10. What would people say are my best qualities?
  11. What have I accomplished recently that I am proud of?
  12. List 3 people you are grateful to have in your life and why
  13. What can I hear / see / smell / see right now?
  14. What’s my happy place and why?
  15. What’s the kindest thing someone has done for me recently?
  16. What makes me feel powerful?
  17. What’s on my worry list right now? And what can I do about it?
  18. What things do I love about this time of year?
  19. What cheers me up when I am down?
  20. When am I at my happiest?
  21. Who do I really admire and why?
  22. What is something in my life I would like to change?
  23. Describe how I’d like my life to look in 5 years time
  24. What difficult things have I been through that have brought unexpected positives?
  25. What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?

Great creative with your journaling, whether that’s little illustrations to show the weather that day or adding some colours to cheer up the page, there are so many different types of journaling. Ever heard of morning pages? Our Founder, Martha, and our Marketing Manager, Christie, both gave this a go for a month! Read the blog on Morning Pages here to find out how it went and what they both discovered…

martha brook blog post 25 useful journaling prompts for beginners woman writing in journal

We hope these 25 useful journaling prompts for beginners has helped to get your started on your very own journal. Are there any prompts you think would make great starters? Let us know in the comments!

P.S. Looking for a place to start your journal? Head over to our personalised notebooks here where we have a huge variety of softback and hardback notebooks, lined or blank, personalised with your name or initials.

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