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10 Instagram accounts that bring us joy

Written by Team Brook. Published 4 years ago. Estimated reading time: 4 minutes.

May 20

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme this year is kindness. That absolutely includes self-kindness, being your own best friend rather than your enemy, how you talk to yourself, what you do during the day to look after yourself and everything you expose yourself to on social media. Your feed is your choice! Do you follow people who make you feel instantly happy when you see their posts or people that make you worry? Unfollow anyone that makes you doubt yourself. Seriously, life is too short. And follow a joyful account instead. Here are ten suggestions from us of accounts that make us smile!
1. @theblurtfoundation
The Blurt Foundation is a page run to help those with mental health issues, specifically depression, but it’s filled with reassuring words, interesting tips and lovely images to make you feel a bit better every day.

2. @heartzeena
We met Zeena a couple of years ago when she came to one of our stationery events and have been huge fans ever since (major girl crush alert). Her feed is filled with colour and positivity and she lives in the dreamiest of flats aka ‘The Pink Palace’. Recently she started the ‘Insta rainbow challenge’ with @talliwall, which went totally viral encouraging people to embrace colour and bring some joy to their feeds. Love!

3. @geoffreywalk
An old sweet English couple who have become the nation’s grandparents with their down to earth and charming Instagram account. We absolutely love seeing how much Geoff adores his wife, he even created a hashtag for her #ilovethatgirl. Watching their videos will certainly give you a little lift!

4. @rosiemadeathing
If the funny illustrations alone don’t make you laugh out loud, the captions will definitely will. Her witty cards and images can help turn some worries that we have into a light-hearted joke which is something we need to do more often, to just have a laugh and don’t take everything so seriously.

5. @dogsworkingfromhome
A list of joyful accounts to follow wouldn’t be complete without an addition of some cute animals! Dogs dressed up as if their working, It’s a pawfect distraction especially if you are working hard at home

6. @ohverlee
We share a love for typography with Ohverlee and we’re such big fans of her work that we even have one of her iconic prints in our studio! She uses her amazing hand lettering to create empowering wares giving people the lift they need. A daily dose of inspiration in your feed.
7. @thehappynewspaper
If you’re tired of hearing negative stories in the news, then have a read of the happy newspaper. The newspaper celebrates what’s good around us and provides uplifting stories which are something we really need right now. Emily Coxhead started this amazing venture with the goal to spread positivity in the world and to simply put a smile on people faces. We can vouch that she is definitely doing that!

8. @girlsthatwander
Beautiful photos from travels around the world. It’s lovely to dream of all the places to explore when COVID-19 is a distant memory, from beautiful sunsets to Parisian skylines. Perfect for a little injection of wanderlust into your Instagram feed.

9. @em_clarkson
We met Em when she came to an event we held with Teapigs last year. She describes herself as a ‘professional oversharer’, which means she’s brutally honest and often hilarious. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and in a world of photoshopping, she is a brilliant reminder to love yourself just as you are.

10. @goodnews_movement
A page dedicated to wonderful news. They share uplifting and joyful news stories from around the world, the small little wonders that we don’t normally get to see! It will make you smile, laugh and leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Go forth and add some positivity to your Instagram feed! What account brings you joy? We’d love to know some more suggestions!

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