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10 of the best productivity tips and tricks in 2024

Published 5 months ago. Estimated reading time: 8 minutes.

Feb 8

Being your most productive self is never as easy as it sounds. Even with the very best of intentions at heart to tick off everything on your to-do list, it sometimes just doesn’t go to plan, and that’s okay! But, if you’re feeling galvanised to have your best year yet and be the most productive you can be, we’re here to help! We’ve found some of the best productivity tips and tricks to help you get into the zone…

10 of the best productivity tips and tricks

Have a positive morning routine

martha brook blog post 10 of the best productivity tips in 2024 make your bed

First up on our list of the best productivity tips and tricks is to have a positive morning routine. The morning sets the tone for the rest of the day, so creating healthy habits that gets your day off to a great start is never a bad idea. Take making your bed as one example here, accomplishing small wins before you start work can make you feel a sense of pride, proactiveness and a readiness to achieve even more. All before 9am!

Drink plenty of water

Did you know staying hydrated can increase your productivity by 14%?! A study found that a lack of hydration can cause a loss of cognitive performance, which means if you’re not drinking enough water, you’re more likely to struggle with focus. Not only that, dehydration is also one of the main causes of headaches, making any daily task difficult. One of the best productivity tips here is simple…drink more water!

Invest in your stationery

martha brook blog post 10 of the best productivity tips in 2024 life planners martha brook

Now we certainly need no excuse to enjoy some brand-new stationery, but investing in some quality paper-goods can promote your productivity three-fold. Stationery is here to help you stay organised, remind you of your goals, inspire you to achieve and empower you on a daily basis. From a refillable desk pad to jot down your daily thoughts to our Life Planners, the perfect place to capture every aspect of your day, we’ve plenty of 2024 stationery designed to help you be your most productive self.  

Create a reasonable to-do list

martha brook blog post 10 of the best productivity tips in 2024 to do list

One of the best productivity tips is to set a to-do list for the day. Some people prefer to do this the night before, or some people like to sit down with their morning cuppa and organise their thoughts and intentions for the day ahead. No matter what time of day you like to write out your to-do list, it’s the keeping of one that counts so you can stay on track and accountable. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day so make sure your to-do list is reasonable and avoid setting yourself up for failure by being over-ambitious. Don’t be shy to write down even the smallest of tasks…because there is nothing more satisfying than ticking off an item on the to-do list. Are we right?! You can discover our range of desk pads here.

Identify your distractions

martha brook blog post 10 of the best productivity tips in 2024 turn off your phone

We live in a world filled with distractions! It’s super easy to get distracted by the hubbub of our surroundings, especially when faced with a task you’ve been putting off. If you’re desperate to buckle down and have a productive afternoon, identifying what distracts you and avoiding that distraction is key. If your phone notifications distract you, turn your phone on Do Not Disturb so you can have a power hour. If it’s your surroundings you find distracting, head out to a café and plug your headphones in. By identifying your distractions, you can come up tangible ways to remedy it so you can well and truly get into the zone.  

Take regular breaks

martha brook blog post 10 of the best productivity tips in 2024 take a break

Next up on our list of the best productivity tips is taking regular breaks. Whilst taking breaks can seem counter-productive, it actually is proven to make you much more productive throughout the day. Working for an extended period of time without any breaks can affect your attention span and concentration levels. So, stick the kettle on and have a tea break! When you return back to work, you’ll feel refreshed, reenergised and ready to take on the next task.

Have a clear workspace

martha brook blog post 10 of the best productivity tips in 2024 martha's home office

As the old saying goes, tidy house tidy mind and the same goes for your workspace! Having a tidy, organised and inviting workspace can help with productivity because there’s less visual distraction. Having a cluttered desk means you’re at more risk of being distracted by the clutter and you have to clear up before your work day has begun, taking up that good brain juice better used for work tasks. You can also enhance your productivity by adding to your workspace too! With our range of desk accessories, you can organise your workspace in a way which feels inspiring. Greenery is also great for productivity and focus, so adding a Beards & Daises plant to your workspace is a fantastic shout too. Don’t miss our blog on how to create an inspiring workspace with these 5 easy steps!

Listen to your body clock

martha brook blog post 10 of the best productivity tips in 2024 body clock

One of our best productivity tips is to listen to your body clock. Each person is different, we all have different energy levels and different personality types when it comes to how we approach each day. But, by listening to your body and understanding your peaks throughout the day can be advantageous when it comes to your productivity. If you typically get more done in the morning, prioritise your bigger and more strenuous tasks before lunchtime. Or if you’re an after-lunch type of person, then doing you’re likely to be more productive and achieve more in the afternoon. Play to your strengths and identify when you work best so you can get the most out of this time.

Focus on one task at a time

martha brook blog post 10 of the best productivity tips in 2024 focus on one task at a time

A great productivity tip is to avoid multi-tasking and focus on one task at a time. Now we know this one might get a little heat as some people work at their best whilst multi-tasking, however, generally speaking, multitasking isn’t productive for your…productivity! Switching between different tasks can leave you wide open for mistakes, meaning you may have to spend time correcting them. It can also deplete your focus as you adjust and switch between the multiple tasks in front of you. By focusing on the one task at hand, you can fully immerse yourself, tick it off the list and move on to the next!

Plan for tomorrow

And last but not least on our list of the best productivity tips for 2024 is to plan ahead. At the end of your work day, you can review how the day went and what you were and were not able to achieve. Anything that you didn’t quite make happen, you can add on to your list for tomorrow. By writing down what you need to do for tomorrow, you’ll have a clear picture of your intentions as soon as you start your day. Future you will thank past you!

We hope these best productivity tips and tricks come in handy. Remember, everyone is different so what will work for you might be different to someone else, but everything is worth a go once! Do let us know in the comments if you have any other best productivity tips and tricks to add.

P.S. It’s never too late to get yourself organised for the year ahead! Discover our range of 2024 stationery and productivity tools, including our bestselling Life Planners, delightful diaries, brilliant desk pads and more here.

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