The unexpected benefits of plants in the workspace
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The unexpected benefits of plants in the workspace

A post by Beards & Daisies Published 3 years ago. Estimated reading time: 5 minutes.

May 25

Along with a cuppa and some stationery (of course!), plants are next on our list for an office essential. Adding some greenery to your desk not only brightens up the room, but plants boast some impressive benefits for your mind, too. We catch up with Beards & Daisies, our go-to for beautiful indoor plants (see them in Martha’s home office here), for this guest post on the benefits of plants in the workspace. Read on for five unexpected ways plants can help you through your day…

1. Relieve stress

Busy day of meetings and deadlines? Plants are the perfect antidote to relieve stress. In fact, research has shown that having plants in your space can reduce tension in people by almost 40 per cent. This is because they remind us of the beauty of Mother Nature, a slower pace of life and have a calming effect. Think of it like taking a soothing walk in nature – but all without stepping foot outside, especially if you work in the city where there is less greenery.

2. Increase productivity

We’re all familiar with the lull of energy that comes mid-afternoon, however plants are a helpful way to keep you on track. Research that observed the link between plants and productivity revealed that employees are 15 per cent more productive when working in a green office.

You’ll even be able to beat procrastination with a plant as they’re proven to enhance focus, too. Impressively, studies have shown that attentiveness is increased by 70 per cent when they are present in a room. Add some greenery to up your chances of hitting those deadlines.

3. Boost creativity

Ever experienced writer’s block? Or perhaps you need a source of inspiration to spark some fresh ideas for a project? If so, you’ll be intrigued to hear about the connection between plants and creativity. The colour green itself is said to be a signal of growth and can get our creative juices flowing.

In a study, German researchers asked participants to glance at a variety of different colours before completing a creative task. The results concluded that green boosted their creative performance more than other colours.

4. Purify the air

Some plants have the ability to purify the air, removing toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde and ammonia, that are commonly found inside both offices and homes. These chemicals can cause headaches and eye irritation, which are typical symptoms associated with sick building syndrome (SBS), experienced by many employees around the world. And, if that wasn’t impressive enough, greenery can also increase oxygen levels and reduce airborne dust so you’re inhaling healthier air.

5. Absorb background noise

Ever find there’s too much background noise – from office chatter to cars outside – distracting you from your work? This is another of the benefits of plants in the workspace, as they are known to absorb sounds. Whilst we’re not saying they will provide your office with silence, they will help to keep distracting noises to a minimum. Try it for yourself by positioning large plants, such as the Kentia Palm or Yucca Plant, in corners of your office.

How to look after your office plants – 3 quick tips

Position Wisely
If you’re back in the office or still WFH, you’ll still be familiar with one big point of contention for employees – the temperature of the room. Some colleagues are too cold, always wanting the heating on, and some colleagues are too warm, always wanting the air con on. Either way, this influx of dry air can upset tropical plants, like the Peace Lily or Parlour Palm for example, who like humid conditions. Make sure such plants are not sat next to these vents or they could go brown and crispy.

Establish a care routine
Much like you’re in the habit of having a tea break (and a digestive to dunk) at 11am, having a routine for your plant’s upkeep is essential. Create a watering schedule and stick to it – resist the temptation to overwater your plants as a form of procrastination (we’ve all been there!) as over-hydrating them can cause their demise.

Choose a good pot
A pretty pot doesn’t just add to the aesthetic of your plant, but it also aids its health. Ensure you have a pot with drainage holes so that excess water can escape and your plant isn’t waterlogged. We recommend keeping the plant within its nursery pot (which’ll have drainage holes) and placing it inside a decorative pot. Also, make sure it’s a snug fit and the plant is secure – a spill of soil really does not mix with computers and laptops.

P.S. Want to reap the benefits of plants in the workspace? Enjoy 10% off everything on the Beards & Daisies website with the code MARTHABROOK10.

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