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8 Really Good Reasons To Shop From Small Businesses

Written by Team Brook. Published 3 years ago. Estimated reading time: 5 minutes.

Dec 4

Today we’ll be wearing our small business badge with pride and are delighted to be celebrating all the little and local businesses for Small Business Saturday!

There’s so much more to your order than meets the eye so we wanted to share eight reasons why shopping small makes such a huge difference to little, independent businesses, just like us.

1. Every order means A LOT

It’s that indescribable feeling when a small business owner gets an order pinging through on their phone! It’s the excitement to see someone has chosen to order something they have created. From single-handed businesses at home to slightly bigger businesses, that feeling never goes away! Every order really does mean so much, so know that when you choose to shop small you really are bringing joy to someone somewhere.

2. The chance to find something unique

When you decide to shop small, you’ll find something you cannot find anywhere else. On top of that, small businesses will often be more than happy to create something bespoke or personalised for you, as we do! Honestly, we LOVE the personalisation requests! Some of them have us in fits of laughter and really help boost team morale on our busiest days!

3. You know who you’re buying from

Forget faceless organisations! Through social media or simply by placing an order, you get to know the company and the people behind it, whether that’s an individual or a small team. Over the last seven years, we’ve gotten to know and recognise our customers who order time and time again and we love having a lovely catch-up and to spend time getting to know them individually.

4. It gives the economy a boost!

Research shows that for every pound spent at a small business, more of your money stays in the local community compared to a larger business so know that by choosing to shop small you’re also supporting your local economy too! If you can, try to support those local businesses close to you on the high street especially who’ve had a super tough year this year.

5. You’ll get brilliant customer service

When you call a small business, you’ll probably be chatting away to the person who is making your order. Eliza, who is new to us, is managing our Customer Services and has been working round the clock to answer all queries. You’re most welcome to say a warm hello to Eliza, even if you don’t have a query using our brand new chat function on the website  – see bottom right on your desktop. (N.B. Don’t worry, this is not Eliza below, but you are never too young to start!)

6. It’s good for the environment

Who doesn’t want to keep the planet happy?! Much like us, many small businesses source locally reducing their carbon footprint and are proud to shout about what they do for the planet. Of course, shopping locally also means walking instead of driving and is even better for the environment! We’re always looking at ways we can be more eco-friendly, recycling coffee cups into notebooks for one! Have a look at some of the other things we do for the planet here.

7. You’re helping create jobs

Why give Jeff Besoz another million when you can shop small! By choosing to do so, you’re often helping a company grow which in turn creates jobs in the local area. Our small business has grown from being just Martha in her bedroom at home to our Christmas team this year of 22! We’ve been able to grow because people like you have chosen to shop with us! Here are some pictures from Small Business Saturday over the years so you can see what an impact you have made:

Team Brook Celebrates Small Business Saturday

8. You’re helping someone build their dream

It sounds cheesy but it really is true. Whether it’s the very first order for a start-up or an order that reaches a small business’s target to rent their very first premises, your order can change so much. So never underestimate the difference you can make with where you spend your pounds this Christmas! So go out there and spread some small business love today and every day! And from all of us at Team Brook, thank you! x


P.S. We thought we’d round up all 8 reasons with a pretty graphic so you can pass it on! Feel free to save and/or share on social media with credit! You can find us at on Instagram here, Facebook here, and Twitter here!

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