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5 easy steps to choosing your perfect 2023 diary or planner

Published 1 year ago. Estimated reading time: 7 minutes.

Nov 10

If you’re anything like us, then picking the perfect diary or planner for the year ahead is no easy feat. The perfect organisation tool is different for everyone depending on how you like to plan, whether you like to see everything at a glance or plan every day to the detail. It can be a tricky decision to make but the good news is, you’re in safe hands!

If you’re struggling to decide which 2023 diary or planner is the one that is just right for you, we’ve come up with this handy guide! Luckily, we know a thing or two about diaries and planners, so we hope these steps help you to find the 2023 diary or planner that is going to make next year your most organised yet!

5 easy steps to choosing your perfect 2023 diary or planner

1. Decide whether you are more of a diary or a planner person.

You might be wondering, what’s the difference? Well, let us tell you! Our diaries are more what we like to call a traditional diary, with either week-to-view or day-per-page date options, as well as calendar planning spreads. Whereas our Life Planners are filled with lots of extra useful and inspiring contents with room to plan ahead and reflect on a monthly basis.

Our diaries come as Hardback, Softback or Vegan Leather books, but they are all smaller than a planner so are a great choice if you’re always on the go and want to keep a note of dates and to-dos! With planning spreads at the front, they are also brilliant if you like to switch up your design each year – as they are bound, they last from January through to December and then you can get a new design next year (and recycle your old one or keep it for the memories!)

Our Life Planners are less like a book and more like personal organisers. They come in a range of beautiful colour options and can be refilled year after year. Including contents designed to help you plan out your whole life on paper, the Life Planner gives you room to reflect on the months gone by and plan ahead, as well as helping you with productivity and self-kindness. The ring-bound design means you can pop it open to add your own pages, photos and keepsakes too, especially in the cute keepsakes envelope included at the back.

2. Figure out which layout is best for you

Anyone who loves a PROPER diary or planner, will know this is the most important! Everyone has their own personal preference for this, and it’s all down to how you are going to use your new 2023 diary or planner.

Our Life Planners have a vertical weekly layout, which means you can see a whole week on a two-page spread, with extra space for weekly habits and your daily priorities.

Our softback and hardback diaries come in either a weekly layout, which is a great option if you like to see everything you have coming up in the week ahead in one place!

Martha Brook blog how to choose your perfect 2023 diary or planner weekly layout personalised stationery gifts

Then there’s the daily layout, which is available in our hardback diaries, where you have a page per day of the week (except weekends, which have both Saturday and Sunday on one page). If you’re a lover of lists or want to make detailed schedule plans in your new 2023 diary, then this is the layout for you – plenty of room for lots of notes!

Martha Brook blog how to choose your perfect 2023 diary or planner daily view day per page personalised stationery gifts

3. Pick your favourite design

This is the fun bit – decide on your design for the year! We have lots of beautiful covers to choose from which can of course all be personalised with names, initials or longer phrases, depending on the design and what you would prefer. Whether you go for a lovely quote or something more illustrated, the perfect 2023 diary or planner for you (or whichever lucky person you’re gifting one to!) is only a click away.

NEW for 2023. We can also add brand logos or bespoke wording to our diaries, which you can order here.

4. Choose from our beautiful colours

Ok, now the hard part. You’ve settled on your design, but which colour to go for?! For our Life Planners, the design and colour go hand in hand, so there’s only one decision to be made! You can see all the Life Planner designs and their corresponding colours here.

Whereas, our diaries come in a whole range of beautiful colours. For our Personalised A5 Vegan Leather 2023 Diary and Personalised Vegan Leather 2023 Pocket Diary options both come in all 6 of our Vegan Leather colour options, pictured below! The Personalised Vegan Leather Embossed 2023 Diary is also available in either Dusky Pink or Soft Teal.

Martha Brook blog how to choose your perfect 2023 diary or planner vegan leather stationery colour options personalised stationery gifts

For our Hardback diaries, there are 11 beautiful different colours to choose from, and you can pick any colour to go with any design! You can see the Hardback colour options here:

Martha Brook blog how to choose your perfect 2023 diary or planner hardback diary colour options personalised stationery gifts

And there are 8 Softback diary colour options, which you can see here too:

Martha Brook blog how to choose your perfect 2023 diary or planner softback diary colour options personalised stationery gifts

Once you have decided on the colour of your 2023 hardback or softback diary, you can also choose the colour of the foil. You can choose from Gold, Silver or Rose Gold/Copper to make your diary truly one-of-a-kind. There are lots of beautiful combinations to be made between the colour of your new 2023 diary and the colour of the foil – we have popped a couple of our favourites below!

Martha Brook blog how to choose your perfect 2023 diary or planner softback personalised diary gold foil
Martha Brook blog how to choose your perfect 2023 diary or planner hardback personalised diary rose gold foil

5. Add any optional extras

If you’re looking for a 2023 diary or planner as a gift, there are some optional extras you can include to make it even more special. For example, adding a personalised message to the inside page of a diary or adding a pen holder or stationery accessories. We can also gift wrap for you! This is perfect if you’re sending the diary or planner straight to its new recipient. or are looking to save yourself some time during the Christmas rush! Look for the drop-down on the product page and it can be added, easy-peasy, and it will arrive beautifully wrapped by our studio team.

Martha Brook how to choose your perfect 2023 diary or life planner gift wrap

Phew! We hope that helps you create your dream 2023 diary or planner, or inspires you to gift the possible to a loved one. If you have any questions do pop them in the comments below and we are happy to help!

P.S. Ready to shop? Explore all our 2023 Diaries and Life Planners.

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