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20 new baby messages to write in a card

Published 7 months ago. Estimated reading time: 3 minutes.

Oct 23

Yay, they’re finally here! Marking the arrival of a friend’s or family’s bouncing bundle of joy is a lovely way to welcome them earth side, and a lovely keepsake for the parents to treasure in a Baby Journal. No matter if you’re more of a funny card kind of person, or you want to tug hard on those heartstrings, finding the right words and putting pen to paper can be trickier than expected. But, fear not! We’ve got plenty of different new baby messages to write in a card below, so read on to get inspired…

20 new baby messages to write in a card

  1. Congratulations on your beautiful baby, what a lucky little thing to have parents like you!
  2. Eat, sleep, poop, repeat! Welcome to your new life as parents…
  3. Mum and Dad has a pretty nice ring to it. Congratulations guys on creating the cutest human ever
  4. How exciting to see your beautiful family grow, I cannot wait to squish those adorable cheeks!
  5. Congratulations to both of you! Let the noise, nappies and poop commence…
  6. Eh, who needs sleep anyway?! You’ve got this
  7. Look at what you both made! I’m super excited for all the baby cuddles soon
  8. I cannot express how happy I am for your growing little family. There are not enough words to say how proud and excited I am for this exciting chapter in your life
  9. May all the stars align to bring you adorable smiles, irresistible cuddles, good health, strong coffee and plenty of sleep.
  10. Look, a teeny tiny version of you. Time to pop (milk) bottles and cheers to you all! 
  11. Well done on bringing a tiny version of you earthside…the baby is out and the drinks are on me!
  12. That adorable bundle of joy might not realise it just yet, but my word have they got the best parents…like ever. Congrats guys!
  13. A baby may change everything, but you were both made for this.
  14. I heard you’d just had another baby! What fantastic news…just a few more and you’ll have a football team!
  15. I can’t be certain but I heard this whole baby gig is pretty easy (during nap time)
  16. May your little one be as loyal, kind and trustworthy as her parents. What a lucky thing to call you mum & dad.
  17. To the best role models a child can have, congratulations on creating something more perfect than you two together.
  18. The biggest congrats on welcoming the bundle of joy to this planet and I can’t wait to shower them with love.
  19. Say goodbye to hot coffee and hello to changing nappies! May your days be filled with endless joy with your bundle of joy.
  20. I never thought I could feel any more pride than I do for you right now. Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby, they’re simply perfect.

We hope these new baby messages to write in a card have inspired you to write to your hearts content and tell them your congrats on their newest arrival to their family.

P.S. Looking for a gift to go with your card? Discover the Personalised Baby Journal, the perfect place for them to mark each magical milestone and soak up that newborn bliss.

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