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10 brilliant gifts for book lovers

Published 1 year ago. Estimated reading time: 5 minutes.

Feb 27

In celebration of World Book Day this week, we’ve scoured the shelves and found these 10 brilliant gifts for book lovers. From beautifully embroidered book covers to a book puzzle, these gorgeous gifts will be sure to delight any and every book lover, no matter the occasion!

The obvious gift to get book lovers is of course…books! But speaking from experience, we know it’s virtually impossible to decipher what a book lover has already read, unless they’re pretty efficient at updating their GoodReads, and if it’s on the huge TBR (to be read) pile so these brilliant gifts for book lovers won’t go a miss!

10 brilliant gifts for book lovers

1. A bookshop scented candle

martha brook blog post gifts for book lovers bookshop scented candle

There’s nothing like the smell of a musky bookshop! First up on our list of brilliant gifts for book lovers is this lovely candle from Society because there’s hands down nothing that beats the old-leather smell of a bookshop! Crafted to smell just like a bookshop, this candle is a must-have for a reading nook, lighting up any cosy corner.

2. A book cover

martha brook blog post gifts for book lovers book cover

There are different types of readers in this world, the ones who love an aged, curly paged book and then there are those who’ll go to extreme lengths to keep a book looking brand-new, even after finishing it. If you’re after gifts for book lovers for the latter, this beautifully embroidered book cover is a great way to look after a book, especially when on the go!

3. A book lover’s mug

martha brook blog post gifts for book lovers book mug

Settling down with a book just isn’t quite the same unless we have a cuppa by our side, especially in those colder months so a mug was always going to make it on our list of gifts for book lovers! Adorned with a book lovers favourite things, this mug from Bookishly will be treasured, and used often, by the recipient!

4. A book journal

martha brook blog post gifts for book lovers book journal

When you read lots, keeping a journal is the best way to recall each and every book, and make reading even more enjoyable! Our bestselling Personalised Book Journal is packed with inspiring and useful contents, from a very satisfying reading progress tracker to their ‘to be read’ list and handy review spreads.

5. A book bucket list poster

martha brook blog post 10 brilliant gifts for book lovers

Stuck for what to read next? This pretty poster features 100 of the best novels ever written to be scratched off once you’ve finished each book. A great engaging way to discover books old and new, this book bucket list can be framed once you’ve read all 100! How satisfying!

6. A cosy blanket

martha brook blog post gifts for book lovers lambswool blanket

Is it just us or do we read more when we’re snuggled up under a blanket? There’s something about getting the mood just right to settle in for a spot of reading and no reading nook is complete without a warm, soft blanket like this blush (of course!) lambswool blanket from Tartan Blanket Co!

7. A trusty bookmark

martha brook blog post gifts for book lovers vegan leather bookmark

Every book lover will have a stack of bookmarks accumulated over the years but trust us…this will be their go-to first choice! Our very own personalised bookmark is hand-crafted from a soft vegan leather and embossed with initials of your choice, making this unique to them. Plus, no-one else can pinch it! 

8. A book basket

martha brook blog post gifts for book lovers book storage baskets

So they’ve got lots of books…what better to get them than somewhere to store them all?! The stylish storage solution we never knew we needed, these baskets from Mustard will look great on any shelf or a-top a wardrobe filled with their favourite books. With a range of gorgeous colours, you can choose their favourite to suit their décor – win win!

9. A book tote bag

martha brook blog post gifts for book lovers a book tropes tote bag

Next up on our list of gifts for book lovers is a book tote bag to fill with books galore! Perfect for your monthly trip to your local book shop, library or charity shop, there’s plenty of room to stack a few novels in to see you through until your next trip. We love the reading tropes printed on this tote bag too – we’re a sucker for all of them!

10. A book puzzle

And last but not least on our list of gifts for book lovers is this lovely puzzle! A great gift for book lovers who also love to puzzle when they’ve not got their heads stuck in a book, you can choose from an array of authors, like this brilliant Jane Austen puzzle featuring places and people from each of her novels.

We hope this has helped you to find something for the book lover in your life, or has helped you discover something you might like as a treat for yourself! Let us know in the comments what else you think makes a great gift for book lovers.

P.S. On the hunt for even more gifts for book lovers? Head over to our website where we’ve pulled together our very own stationery gift list for people who love to read!

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