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Stationery versus stationary: the easy way to remember the difference

by Team Brook Published 3 years ago. Estimated reading time: 2 minutes.

Apr 23

Did you know on Wednesday, it was World Stationery Day? In honour of the most important day of the year, we thought we’d get creative to help people remember the difference between stationery versus stationary! Two words spelt almost, but not quite, the same…

What is stationEry? 

Stationery is what we do! Yay! This describes materials, such as pens, paper, ink, desk accessories, cards, notebooks, diaries…we can go on.


Here’s an example of how we’d use the word stationery in a sentence: “Wow, Martha! I love your notebook and pen; where did you get that gorgeous stationery?!” 

How to remember stationery:
E for envelope

Because we’re extremely committed to this cause, and for anyone who remembers Art Attack, we thought we’d get together all of our stationery to create one giant E for envelope. We still can’t believe we did this! Watch the video here. 

What is stationAry? 

Stationary, not to be confused with stationery, although it is pronounced exactly the same, is an adjective that describes an item, person or situation that isn’t moving or changing. So, you could use that word if you’re sitting completely and utterly still or in a method of transport that isn’t moving. 


Here’s an example of how we’d use the word stationary in a sentence: “Oh no, we seem to be stuck at a red light. This car is now completely stationary.” 

How to remember stationary:
A for ain’t moving

Is this the same wherever you live?

Yes! Whether you are in the UK, Australia, America, or anywhere else speaking English, stationery versus stationary is exactly the same. The stationery we like is always spelt with an E!

Still not sure? 

And if you’re still not sure on the difference between stationery versus stationary, or if you love pink shopper bags as much as we do, you can bag yourself this limited-edition ‘stationery never stationary’ Canvas Shopper Bag so you’ll never spell stationery wrong again!


We hope that helps you remember the difference between stationery versus stationary! PLEASE!

P.S. If you spend over £60 this week, you’ll get the stationery never stationary canvas shopper bag FREE with the code STATIONERY, so you’ll always spell it right! 

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