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24 brilliant ways to reuse your Stationery Advent Calendar

Published 3 years ago. Estimated reading time: 13 minutes.

Oct 21

Hands up if you think our 24 Days of Stationery Advent Calendar is too beautiful to throw away?! Even though it’s partially made from recycled coffee cups and is 100% recyclable after use too, why throw it out when you can create something you can keep enjoying long after you’ve opened the secret stationery surprises that await?! We’ve come up with 24 brilliant ways to reuse your stationery advent calendar. So, stick the kettle on and get ready for an afternoon of creativity and crafting!

1. Another advent calendar

The best way to reuse your stationery advent calendar is by keeping it for next year! It might be too soon to think about next Christmas, but why not store away your advent calendar after you’ve opened the 24th box so you can refill it for years to come? Get creative with your own contents and create a fun alternative countdown for yourself or a friend that you can change up year after year.

martha brook ways to reuse your stationery advent calendar

2. Christmas Cards

Send your season’s greetings to those on your Christmas card list by simply cutting the sides of your box, scoring down the middle and there you have it… you’ve got a beautifully foiled Christmas card, ready to be sent off in the post.

3. Mini Gift Boxes

One of the many ways you can reuse your stationery advent calendar is by spreading the joy and repurposing each box for family and friends alike! Use box ‘sixteen’ for a 16th birthday gift and slot in some unique keepsakes they can treasure for years to come! Add a nice bow, and you’re gift-ready!

4. Christmas gift tags

What’s more festive than an afternoon listening to those traditional Christmas songs and getting the wrapping paper out?! Once you’ve got those pressies all wrapped up, reuse your stationery advent calendar by selecting some of the beautiful individual boxes to cut out different shapes that can be used as gift tags to add some foiled luxury to your presents.

Martha Brook ways to reuse your stationery advent calendar gift tags

5. Keepsake boxes

Can’t bear the thought of taking down yours down from the shelf? We get you! Why not reuse your stationery advent calendar as a thoughtful keepsake box? Use the beautiful foil embossed inside boxes to store photos, notes and beautiful memories. Or, as an alternative, think ahead and create a lasting keepsake that they can open in the future. 24 memories for 24 months of a newborn or for 24 years of marriage – the possibilities are endless!

6. A hanging star and moon wall decoration

This is simply such a beautiful way to reuse your stationery advent calendar and can be enjoyed long after the festivities are over! Use the stunning gold foil embossed pattern from the advent boxes to cut out different sized stars and moons. If you want to really make those stars and moons twinkle when they catch the light, cut varying lengths of string so they all hang differently.

What you’ll need: 

A small tree branch, a hole punch, scissors or craft knife and string or ribbon

How to:

  • Cut out your stars and moon shapes from the advent boxes.
  • Once you’ve got them all cut out, you’re ready to punch holes in the corner of all of them and start attaching them to the string.
  • Cut 7-10 pieces of string in varying lengths and attach them to the top of the branch
  • If you are unsure about how you want your wall hanging to look, lay them all out beforehand so you can play with the arrangement and decide on your spacing!

7. Place settings

This Christmas, we hope, will be the one we all deserve! It would be an understatement to say we’re excited to have Christmas dinner with our nearest and dearest. Before the big event, why not go all out and create your very own personalised table settings using the boxes? Cut down to a smaller square, fold in half and pick your favourite metallic pen to write out names!

8. Bookmark

You can never have too many bookmarks! For those who love to get stuck into a book, try your hand at making your very own when you reuse your stationery advent calendar. With shades of pink, berry and sage green to pick from, you can choose the colour you love the most, cut out a piece of card and punch a hole in the top. Then, either add a ribbon, tassel or sweet charm and voila… you’ve got your very own gold foil embossed bookmark! You’ll never lose your page again.

martha brook ways to reuse your stationery advent calendar bookmark

9. Recyclable confetti

Who doesn’t love a bit of confetti? Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, baby shower or anniversary, get creative with your advent calendar boxes! Partially made from recycled coffee cups destined for landfill and 100% recyclable after use, make your own sustainable confetti! If you want to get experimental, you could also use a small star paper punch and create bigger confetti for in table styling.

10. A mini art print

If you love the designs of the advent calendar boxes as much as we do, why not reuse your stationery advent calendar boxes boxes to create stylish mini prints. Use them individually as part of your gallery wall or paired together for a striking feature.

In need of a picture frame to compliment your art print? Take a peek at our brand-new Gold Standing Photo Frame.

11. A paper chain

One of our favourite ways to reuse your stationery advent calendar is by creating a paper chain! Use the inside boxes of your advent calendar and cut them up into evenly sized strips. Once looped over to make the chain, staple in place! You can use double-sided sticky tape, glue or a stapler.

12. Paper ball ornaments

These make for a great afternoon crafting with the kids or your friends to match your festive style.

What you’ll need:

Double-sided tape or glue, scissors or a craft knife, string or ribbon and a circle paper punch (not essential but easier if you have it!)

How to:

  • Cut out 20 same-sized circles. If you don’t have a circle paper punch, use a glass or circular object to draw around!
  • Use a ruler to score three lines in each circle, making a triangle in the centre. Fold these on all sides.
  • Start by making two ‘caps’ (five circles each) that will form the top and bottom of the circle. These are made by glueing/taping the folded parts of the circle flat against each other.
  • Then, remember to attach your loop of string or ribbon into the centre of one of these caps before finally securing.
  • Once the ‘caps’ are made, assemble the middle section using the ten circles to form a line.
  • The last step is to stick the final sphere together using the bottom ‘cap’ as a base – and then you are done!
martha brook ways to reuse your stationery advent calendar paper ball ornament

13. 24 days of positivity

2022 is the year we’ve all been waiting for! Start the new year off filled with positivity and motivation by inspiring yourself with daily quotes and motivational messages! If you’re feeling particularly generous, why not reuse your stationery advent calendar as a gift for a friend or loved one and take the opportunity to give them an added boost once the Christmas rush is over!

14. Postcard love letters

Another way you can reuse your stationery advent calendar is by showing some love to your friends and family. Simply cut the boxes into postcards and write something lovely on the back. Ask how someone is, tell you how amazing they are or write an inspiring phrase that they can turn to when they’re feeling a little demotivated.

15. A paper wreath

No Christmas is complete without a wreath! An alternative to a floral wreath, this pretty wreath is an easy way to create a Christmassy centrepiece from your old advent boxes. 

What you’ll need: 

Ribbon, double-sided sticky tape, a wire wreath frame (optional)

How to:

  • Carefully cut out leaves in varying colours and arrange these carefully around the circle using double-sided sticky tape.
  • Add a ribbon at the top for hanging, and voila!

16. Postcard or photo hanging peg display

Create a cute postcard peg display using the advent boxes. Cut out different shapes and sizes from the inner boxes that can be pegged onto a piece of string or a lovely row of fairy lights to add a little warmth and sparkle. If you want to add a personal touch, print out some small photos or gather together polaroids and stick them on top, leaving a border for a frame.

17. From me, to me!

This one is kind on the eyes and kind on the soul! One the ways you can reuse your stationery advent calendar is by writing 24 letters for yourself. For the days where we could do with a little pick-me-up, a motivational message or a little nudge in the right direction, slot your 24 letters into your advent calendar boxes and keep it close to hand so it’s always there whenever you need a little self-love.

18. 3D Christmas trees

These cute Christmas trees are perfect for hanging on your tree or as festive free-standing decorations on your mantelpiece or dinner table!

What you’ll need:

Scissors or a craft knife and ruler

How to:

  • Draw two identical tree shapes on your card, then cut out the trees.
  • On one of the tree shapes, make a cut that starts from the centre of the bottom to halfway up. Repeat this on the other tree but starting from the top instead.
  • Slot the trees together by sliding the tree with the bottom cut over the top of the tree with the cut at the top.
martha brook ways to reuse your stationery advent calendar 3d christmas trees

19. 3D star decorations

Liked the 3D Christmas trees? You’ll love the 3D star decorations too by trying the same process with star shapes. Why not try other shapes, sizes and colours using the advent boxes? Before you know it, you’ll have your homemade range of Christmas decorations!

20. An alternative photo album

It’s time to print off your photos or gather together your polaroids! Reuse your stationery advent calendar as an alternative photo album, spread across two years. Each box represents a month of the year so that you can store photos from that particular month in one of the beautifully embossed boxes. A lovely way to reflect on those meaningful moments and memories, or to give as a gift.

21. 3D Decorations

If none of the other hanging decorations are to your taste or style, why not give these sleek sphere paper ornaments a go? Less tricky than the paper balls, these can be made smaller but look just as effective!

What you’ll need:

Ruler, scissors or a craft knife, string or ribbon, glue

How to:

  • Cut out seven equal-sized circles
  • Fold them in half and score along the fold using the ruler and knife
  • Glue them together at the fold, be sure to match up the edges as carefully as possible
  • Before sticking the last two circles together, sandwich in a loop of ribbon/string
martha brook ways to reuse your stationery advent calendar

22. Raffle party favours

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or birthday, reuse your stationery advent calendar boxes as pretty party favours. Add a little fun in with a raffle and get your guests to pick a number at random between 1-24, and when their number gets called, they get that advent box that you’ve restocked with great little goodies! What a treat!

23. Paper Angels

It wouldn’t be a Christmas DIY list without adding in paper angels to the mix and we can’t think of a prettier set of materials to make one from! Beautifully foiled and with a range of colours to pick from, reuse your stationery advent calendar to cut out angels that can be used around the house this Christmas.

24. Bow-tie present toppers

Make your gifts look extra fancy with these bow tie present toppers! Perfect for adding to all your Christmas gifts.

What you’ll need:

Scissors and ribbon

How to:

  • Cut out a larger and smaller bow-tie shape
  • To create a 3D effect, score in the middle of both shapes
  • Wrap some ribbon around the centre, and that’s it!
martha brook ways to reuse your stationery advent calendar bow-tie present toppers

There you have it! 24 different ways to reuse your stationery advent calendar and the 24 boxes inside! What will you do with yours? Share how you’ll be repurposing yours in the comments, or drop in a new suggestion if you have any other ideas!

P.S. Missed out on your chance to get the 24 Days of Stationery Advent Calendar? You might be in luck! We’re giving our very last one away this Saturday as part of an exciting collaboration. Please make sure you’re on our Instagram at 9 am on 23rd Oct for information on how to enter! 

24 brilliant ways to reuse your stationery advent calendar

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