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Nov 23

We need to talk about advent… no not the stationery advent calendar, the OTHER advent calendar. Here at Martha Brook we LOVE advent because every year we have a team calendar filled with festive tasks and activities to complete together. These range from dress up days (PJ day is a long-running favourite), food themes, craft activities to help us decorate the office and lots more, all of which help to keep the festive sprits high during our busiest time of the year.

This year, we want to spread the festive joy beyond our office and invite you to join us! This is perfect for anyone who works alone, in a small team like our own, or simply if you feel like some Christmas countdown fun. The twenty-four activities will be things that anyone can take part in, no matter where or who you work with.
There are two ways to join in with #teambrookadvent
Either you can buy our new Chart of Advent Activities, and drop us a note with your order and we will include the Martha Brook activities for free. This is perfect if you want to reveal the activity each day like we will.

Alternatively, you can download the full Team Brook Advent Activities for free in advance (although don’t ruin the surprise for anyone who is opening them throughout the month!).
Let us know you’re joining in throughout December using the hashtag #teambrookadvent. We’ll award a box of surprises in January to who our favourite participant! Now, I am not sure we could be MORE excited about advent. Bring on 1st December!

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