How To Choose Your 2019 Diary

Published 5 years ago. Estimated reading time: 4 minutes.

Dec 5

By popular demand, we are delighted to present a guide to picking your perfect diary for the year ahead in five simple steps. Are you ready? Let’s begin…
1. Decide your favourite diary layout
This is probably the least exciting step, but is VERY important. We all have a preferred diary layout. I’m a week-to-view girl, so I always go for one of our weekly diaries (our most popular format), which look like this inside:

There is a week spread across a double page spread from Monday – Sunday. The perfect amount of room for notes, your schedule etc.
We also do day-per-page AKA daily diaries. These are ideal for those with A LOT to write, or can also be used as appointment diaries. Each page has a whole day on it (apart from Saturday and Sunday that share a page).

We also do ‘planners’, which have 18 months of calendar pages at the start and then lots of to do lists and notes pages at the back.
2. Hardback or Softback
Softback diaries are the new option for this year and have flexible, but sturdy covers. They are the more lightweight option if you plan on popping a diary in a handbag for on-the-go planning.

Hardback diaries are the more luxe option with covers coated in a specialist book cover material and wire binding, which means the diary can be easily left open flat. I love having mine on my desk with the current week of the year open, ready to scribble plans in. That’s not to say you can’t carry a hardback diary with you, you can (I do!), but they are reassuringly more weighty.

 3. Pick your diary design 
Ahhhh the BEST bit! We have a range of stunning designs you can take your pick from. From chic and stylish, to more simple and contemporary, there is something to float your boat whoever you are buying for. Personalisation is complementary, so you can add their name to all the designs, and if you want something bespoke you only need to ask.

4. Choose your colour
The other REALLY fun step, but possibly the hardest (because they are all so lovely!), is choosing your colour. All our designs can be printed on any colour book, meaning you can make your diary delightfully individual, and something they (or you!) will love. There are 11 hardback colour options, which you can see here:

And there are 8 softback colour options, which you can see here:

Both come with your choice of foil colour too. We include lots of example images so you can usually see what each option looks like, but if you want to check, again you only need to ask.
Rest assured, they are all look splendid, which is why we have chosen them! As an example, this is our Be The Queen 2019 Weekly Diary in Sky Blue with gold foil:

And here it is in Ivory White with gold foil:

Both look lovely, so it’s merely up to you which would look more fabulous on your desk or in your bag!
5. Decide if you want to go large
This is an optional extra, but some people want their diary A4 in size instead of our A5 standard size. This is only available with our weekly hardback diaries at the moment, but is another option if you have lots to write, or use your diary more for daily notes and ‘to dos’.

Optional extras
Nearly there… you have now chosen your diary – congratulations! However, if you are buying your diary for someone else, there are a few options to make that gift a bit more special. For example, you can add an inside message into our hardback diaries and add gift wrap to all of them. These are displayed on each product page, do you can just choose when ordering.
That’s it! Now all that’s left is to pick… head on over and see all our diaries here. If you have any other diary questions, fire away, either here or on our Instagram. Happy choosing!

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