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Published 6 years ago. Estimated reading time: 2 minutes.

Mar 8

As it’s International Woman’s Day today we wanted to write a special blog post to celebrate just how far womankind has come since the 1800s. In 1867, The London Society for Women’s Suffrage was formed to campaign for female suffrage. Although there’s still plenty more that needs to change it’s important to remember how hard our female ancestors had to fight for our rights today.
It’s difficult to imagine a time where women had no voice, no right to vote and no right over their bodies. From the first Suffragette meeting to the Girl Power crazed 90s, women all over the world have continued to work incredibly hard to have the same opportunities and rights as men. We should all be proud to be women and continue to strive towards a better future for everyone.
Our Strong Woman collection aims to celebrate all the incredible ladies we know and love. Although stationery may seem like a small way to spread the message of female empowerment, these moments of strength and positivity all count towards championing the power of the girl. The collection makes for wonderful Mother’s Day gifts, and there’s really no better way to say thank you to your original inspiration than beautiful stationery.

We’ve also designed a special free print that you can download here to use a positive reminder: Girl Power Print. Simply download the design and print onto an A4 piece of paper or card for an easy way to keep you motivated all day. We hope you love the print and you feel inspired by the literal definition of Girl Power!
We’d love to see your photos of your print hung up in your home so make sure to tag us in your Instagram photos by using the hashtag #MarthaBrookLDN and we will share our favourites. Happy International Women’s Day!

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