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A chat with Bake Off star Ruby Bhogal about cake and stationery

Published 5 years ago. Estimated reading time: 5 minutes.

Oct 22

This week Martha Brook launched our first ever celebrity collaboration! We are absolutely thrilled to team up with Bake Off star Ruby Bhogal who was our personal favourite on last year’s show to create a range of stationery for baking fans.
Our founder Martha caught up with Ruby to find out what she’s been up to since her time on Bake Off and her thoughts on the collection.

Great British Bake Off 2018 finalist Ruby Bhogal with her dog Milo and Martha Keith founder of Martha Brook

Hello Ruby! It has been so lovely meeting you and working together over the last few months. We are all massive fans of Bake Off at Martha Brook and we fell in love with you during last year’s season. What was it like actually being on the show?
What was it like? It was a complete mix of a dream with a sprinkling of hell! It was really tough, but it was most definitely the most incredible phenomenal thing I could have done for myself. Before the show, I went through a dark period of being unemployed for a few months and I turned to baking to take up some hours of my time and It ignited a light in me I hadn’t had for a very long time. So I baked my way from there to the Bake Off auditions – I just thought what’s the worst that can happen?! And the worst that happened was my cake fell over on actual TV. (That was my favourite moment of the series!) Yes my cake fell over on TV, but somehow I made my way to the final! Yes, absolutely the best thing I have ever done.


What have you been up to since?
Oh my god so much! I am so lucky to have worked on loads of incredible projects and work with so many amazing brands. Being on Bake Off has allowed me to be creative again. I am naturally a creative individual, and although I loved my office-based job, I felt constrained in what I was doing. This has allowed me to be creative again and work with brands I feel passionate about. I can’t say too much without spilling too many beans, but a lot of incredible projects. And yeah eating a lot of cake, which is never a bad thing!
Amazing, being paid to eat cake. What a dream! We have been absolutely thrilled to work with you on this stationery collection for baking lovers. Why did you decide you wanted to collaborate on a range of stationery?
I mean the best part of going back to school was going to choose some new stationery. It was like a religious affair for me to find the best notebook, the best pencil case. And even now, if I have terrible handwriting on the first page of my diary, I will rip it out or buy another one! I adore stationery, I need it to stay organised and I love it how aesthetically pleasing Martha Brook’s products are – it just felt like a perfect match. When I saw all your products I thought, this is perfect – this is going to get my life in order! And keep me on track, which is what I need, but also look good, because it really does – your products are phenomenal.


Oh thank you! Well, it has been an honour that you chose to work us as a small business. Why did you choose us over a big brand?
It was such an easy choice to want to work with you guys. When I first saw all your products, I was absolutely drooling over everything because they look SO good and are SO pretty. Obviously, they look amazing on Instagram, but I also love that everything is hand-produced here. Working with a small business you can be a lot more involved. We’ve had a great time working on the design and choosing all the colours, and I am so proud of what we’ve come up with together. I feel like it is a lot more personal. I love the fact that people are going to use something I personally love and I feel passionate about. As opposed to working with a big brand when perhaps I wouldn’t have had much of a say. I am so excited for people to see this – the products are gorgeous, and slightly different, to normal stationery, it’s brilliant. And especially if you are a foodie like me, I hope people love it as much as I do.
What is your favourite piece from the collection?
I don’t think I could choose! I adore the diary. But, then I look at the postcard set, and I love that there are recipes and baking tips on there, and then I look at the notebook and that looks so good too! But I do love that in the diary the recipes are seasonal so you will get the best out of the produce that is in season at the time and just eat some really bloody lovely food as well as having the most beautiful diary – I can’t wait for people to see it!


Yes! Thank you so much Ruby. I am also so excited about people seeing what we’ve been working on!
You can find the Ruby Bhogal x Martha Brook collection here.


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