martha brook sustainable gift wrapping ideas

5 stylish and sustainable gift wrapping ideas

Published 2 years ago. Estimated reading time: 3 minutes.

Dec 14

With Christmas music playing and the mince pies all warmed up, wrapping Christmas presents is one of the best ways to get into the festive spirit and every year we try our best to make those gifts look almost too darn good to open. So, this year we’ve come up with five sustainable gift wrapping ideas that’ll have you getting creative in a way that feels conscious this Christmas! Here’s how to…

1. Turn plain paper into gift wrap

First up on our list of sustainable gift wrapping ideas is one of the simplest! Pick up some plain paper and a marker pen to design your very own wrapping paper. Add a personal touch by adding their name or why not try creating a large pattern so it covers the entire piece of paper? Voila… You’ve got your own homemade wrapping paper!

2. Wrap using just one piece of tape

Yep, you read it right! We saw this sustainable gift wrapping hack on Tiktok and frankly, we’re obsessed! Say goodbye to sticking Sellotape to your chin, arms, or any surface closet available…This technique means you can wrap your gifts with a series of a few clever folds and tuck in some treats too whilst you’re at it! It took us a couple of attempts to get this one right but once you’ve got it down, it’ll quickly become your go-to for sustainable gift wrapping because you can then reuse the paper!

3. Make any gift look fancy with the perfect bow

If you have spare fabric or material that you’re looking to repurpose, why not use it to tie a beautiful bow on top of your gifts? This is a brilliant way to make any gift look brilliant, even if it has no paper on it or some repurposed gift wrap! A go-to technique for our production team when they gift wrap your orders, this crossover bow technique is easy and effective!

4. Make gift toppers out of old packaging or greeting cards

Recognise this box? Another sustainable gift wrapping idea is to use old packaging like these advent calendar boxes or old greeting cards to make gift toppers. All you’ll need is some scissors and a little piece of ribbon – a great way to use those little cut off pieces that typically end up in the bin. Simply cut out two different size bow shapes and layer the smaller on top, tying them together using the piece of repurposed ribbon. It really is as easy as that!

5. Gift wrap using fabric

Why not ditch the paper altogether and opt for a fabric gift wrap instead?! Originating in Japan and known as Furoshiki, the art of beautifully wrapping gifts with cloth or fabric is a much more conscious choice and has been around for thousands of years. We gave the Otsukai Tsutsumi a try and with a few carefully placed folds and…we’re in love! Reuse the cloth or fabric for years to come and give plenty of different techniques a try!

Which will you try or do you have an idea of your very own? Drop us a comment or let us know over on Instagram! Happy wrapping!

P.S. There’s still time to shop thoughtful gifts to get yours in time for Christmas! For UK delivery, order before the 21st December at 2pm for standard delivery or 23rd December at 1pm for Express Delivery!

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