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Working from home desk goals: Becca from Braids & Blooms

Published 3 years ago. Estimated reading time: 7 minutes.

Aug 18

Welcome to the second post of our new series: Desk Stories, where we take a look at some of the most stylish desks and tell you the stories of the people behind them. It was our pleasure to speak with Becca, the brains behind @braidsandblooms, who is not only working from home desk goals but gives us an exclusive peek into her workspace and what’s currently on her desk, based in a quintessential cottage in the Hertfordshire countryside.

Introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about who you are and what it is you do. 

Hi! I’m Becca and I live in a little cottage in Hertfordshire, UK. Until earlier this year, I spent most of my time being creative in our home and courtyard, taking pretty photos which I shared on my Instagram and freelancing as a Bridal and Occasion hair stylist. These days I’ve taken a little step back from my social media and you’ll now find me leading an amazing team of Researchers at the most wonderful company. After having to shield for most of last year, I decided that I wanted to take on a new challenge and return to full time work and I’m fortunate to now spend my days at the lovely desk space which I’ve worked hard to create!

What does a typical day look like for you? 

I now spend my days sat at my desk working my 9-5, but I absolutely love having a proper routine again. I try and switch between my desk, and our spare room which we’ve also made over, as that’s the perfect place to take video calls with my colleagues. I try and make sure I take my hour lunch break in the middle of the day, where I attempt to switch off for a bit!  After work and during my weekends I like to do the things I enjoy most; spending time with my family and friends, getting creative at home and going for nice walks in the countryside. 

What three things motivate you the most?

I think this is always a really difficult question! My family and friends, helping other people and being able to treat myself and my loved ones to nice things are definitely motivators for me!

What’s your design style and where do you find inspiration?

I’m not really sure exactly how I would define my style. I like to create a calming environment with neutral tones and introduce some aspects of light colour, usually pink! Recently I’ve also been adding pops of soft blues to areas of our home too. We’ve tried to keep the original features and character of the cottage but modernise it a little with our furniture and accessories. I always find Instagram and Pinterest are great places to find inspiration, and I adore Studio McGee’s style. Their Netflix show Dream Home Makeover is an amazing source of inspiration! I also love reading home interior books. I really recommend Home Body by Joanna Gaines and Cosy White Cottage by Liz Marie Galvan

martha brook working from home desk goals

What are the items you cannot live without on your desk and why?

That’s an easy one! I use my Martha Brook notepads and desk organisers daily. I’m a list maker and note taker so the Happiness Planning Stationery Bundle and the New Beginnings Stationery Bundles are the most perfect collections for me. They each contain a range of different notepads and daily organiser pads which are perfect for keeping me in check during my busy days! I’m also obsessed with pretty stationery / pens so I love having them displayed in my gorgeous pink scalloped pen pot! Finally, I adore my laptop stand and it always receives so many comments when I share it! It’s from Amazon and is just beautiful. 

Where is your workspace based and why is it important to you? 

My workspace is actually situated in our bedroom as it’s such a large room and was one of the only places my desk could fit but also be made into a feature. Given that this is a space where I go to relax, it was so important for me to create a workspace that added to that peace but also looked beautiful and not like an office! I love everything about my workspace but the thing that makes me smile every morning when I wake up and glance over at it, is my gallery wall. I designed it using prints from Desenio and chose artwork that I either really loved or that evoked memories. The ocean scene transports me to happy moments spent in the sea when I was younger and the honesty plant reminds me of my lovely Nana every day. 

martha brook working from home desk goals

What tip would you give to someone else when it comes to creating an inspiring and uplifting workspace? 

Keep your space clean and organised. It’s okay for your desk to feel used, but you don’t want it to feel messy! Fill it with things that you love – both on your desk itself and on the walls and surrounding areas. Finally, just have fun with it! There are so many beautiful items available these days that home workspaces don’t have to look like an office anymore. 

martha brook working from home desk goals

Is there one item you’re currently lusting after for your desk that you currently don’t have at the moment? 

I’m currently lusting after a beautiful pair of scissors. Preferably gold and in some sort of stand! Wouldn’t it be amazing if Martha Brook launched some… *hint hint*

Do you have a life mantra or favourite saying you that you live by?

‘It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.’

So there you have it…100% working from home desk goals, right?! We hope you enjoyed taking a look at Becca’s dreamy desk and it inspires you to give your desk a refresh.

P.S. Share your photo with us on Instagram with the hashtag #marthabrookldn or tag us in your story to share your working from home desk goals! We love to share our favourites for some regular workplace inspiration.

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