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Top Valentine's Token Gift Ideas

Published 9 years ago. Estimated reading time: 1 minute.

Jan 28

It’s just over two weeks to our favourite occasion of the year, Valentine’s Day. We are all a bit soppy here at Paint HQ so we absolutely love making loved up personalised gifts.
Sometimes you want to get your loved one a little more than just a card, so here are our top three Valentine’s ‘love token’ gift ideas to help you say you care, in your own special way…
1. Couple’s Treasure Hunt
Such a fun idea for Valentine’s Day. Lead your loved one on a trail of love… end with a loving message or other surprise of your choosing. We’ve provided some clues and all you need in this treasure hunt kit:


2. Love Treats Secret Messages Card
If you want to plan a few surprises for your other half, this card is the perfect way to let them know what you have planned. The card features three ‘love treats’ printed on little cards and hidden on the front of the card:


3. Personalised Love Notes
Our bestselling Personalised Love Notes remain our favourite gift for a loved one. The perfect way to tell someone the reasons you love them, our share happy feelings and memories from your relationship so far:


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