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The Martha Brook Launch Party

Published 7 years ago. Estimated reading time: 2 minutes.

Nov 21

Last week we celebrated our rebrand with a special launch party to say that you to our biggest supporters over the years and bring in the new us with a bang.
The venue we chose was one of our favourite restaurants here in West London, The Hampshire Hog, which has a beautiful private room upstairs that is perfectly on brand. Our aim; to make the room the perfect real-life embodiment of the online stationery haven that is Martha Brook.

As our guests entered, they were greeted by a large welcome table decorated with metallic baubles, gifts and some of our notebooks, and a selection of three special pink drinks to choose from; a rose lemonade, grapefruit and thyme gin collins and rose prosecco.

We styled a the main set of shelves to act as a product showcase, interspersing up our favourite diaries, notebooks and desk calendars in a range of colours and foiling with pretty props like Christmas baubles, presents, jars of stationery and a few bud vases. On either side of the shelves we had two huge pink balloons from Bubblegum Balloons to create a truly Instagram worthy display.

Possibly the most snapped area was the stunning dessert table which featured a delicious two tired cake from Little Cake Garden. We also had custom branded biscuits created by Lady Bakewell-Park and Honeywell Bakes to add even more of of a Martha Brook touch.

We decorated the table with gold trays filled with rose cupcakes, cherry blossom branches and little bud vases filled with blooms.

We also had a half moon table that we styled up with more of our products so that our guests could pick them up and have a good look at our newest ranges. We also styled the fireplace with huge piles of pink, copper and gold gifts to give the room a delightful festive atmosphere.

Once everyone had arrived and were enjoying the drinks and delicious Hampshire Hog food, our founder Martha made a special speech to say thank you to all the guests that have supported the company since the very beginning. Our guests were then sent off with possibly the best goodie bags ever, which have been causing quite a stir on Instagram.

All in all, the evening was filled with pink, laughter and lots of paper prettiness! Thank you so much to everyone who came and for all your support for Martha Brook so far.

Extra thanks to The Hampshire Hog, Little Cake Garden, Lady Bakewell-Park, Honeywell Bakes, Katie Spicer Photography and of course the whole Martha Brook team for creating a wonderful event.

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