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Surviving Valentine's Day

Published 8 years ago. Estimated reading time: 1 minute.

Feb 13

What a couple of weeks it has been! After amazingly included us in their Valentine’s campaign, we’ve been rather busy here at Paint HQ!
We thought it was busy two weeks ago when piles of orders started to appear everywhere…

V Day 1

Thank goodness we managed to organise mail collections because I’m not sure all the sacks would have all fitted in our car…

V Day 2

Then it went absolutely MAD last week and we had our biggest ever order days. Packing moved into the kitchen and we roped in all sorts of lovely friends and family to help. Here is Lucy who was managing the dispatch process – our ‘Keeper of the Piles’:

V Day 3

We worked round the clock to make sure every order went out on time and well, after the last orders has gone, we were pretty knackered!

V Day 4

We’ll be thinking of all the lovely people who have ordered from us on Valentine’s Day! We hope you have a love-filled day ❤️

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