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How to harness the new year magic with these things to do in January

Published 1 year ago. Estimated reading time: 8 minutes.

Jan 13

Ahh, the start of the new year! It can leave us feeling excited for what’s to come, or it can leave us feeling a little daunted. January can feel like a lot of pressure, and in our opinion that’s no way to start the year! There is magic in the opportunity to start afresh, with a whole year stretching ahead of you. So, we’ve come up with nine easy things to do in January to help you harness the power of a new beginnings.

How to harness the new year magic with these things to do in January

Set goals for the year that excite and inspire you

martha brook blog post harness the new year magic with these things to do in January life planners

Making note of some goals for the year ahead is one of many great things to do in January and can be a great way to harness the new beginnings a fresh year brings. These should be personal to you and should be exciting and inspiring, whether it’s doing something you’ve always wanted to try or focusing more on self-care, listing down your goals for 2023 is a great way to take ownership of the year ahead, have clarity on what you’d like to achieve and to start working towards those all-exciting goals! If you want a guided way to do this, check out our Life Planners, which have a useful 2023 ‘Goals and Intentions’ planning tool.

Reflect on what you do and don’t want to bring from last year

Take the time to look back on 2022 and think about the things you’d like to bring into 2023. Did you hit a reading goal that you want to continue to work towards? Did you find yourself struggling with putting yourself first? Take note of the good and the not so good and think about what you’ll like to continue doing in 2023 and what can stay put in 2022. Sometimes, in order to make space for new things, we have to stop some behaviours that are holding us back, or find ways to let go of things that aren’t working for us.

Declutter to give yourself a fresh start and clear mind

martha brook blog post harness the new year magic with these things to do in January declutter donate clothes to charity

Tidy home, tidy mind! Next up on our list of things to do in January is to declutter. Having a deep clean out and a declutter is a great way to start the year. Not only does it make your home or workspace feel better, you’ll find your mind will feel better for it too! Think about the items you don’t use or need and find a new purpose for them, either by whizzing them down to the charity shop, a good deed done, or upcycling them. You can find your closest charity shop here! There’s no better way to give yourself a fresh start, we promise!

Do that one thing you’ve been putting off to feel lighter

Now, let’s get real. Are we right in saying there’s something you’ve been putting off lately? It’s something we’re all guilty of, and plenty of us do this from time-to-time. It leaves that horrible feeling in our bellies but as we harness the magic of the new year, it’s time to tackle that thing. It’s a well-known fact that once that one thing is done, you’ll be wondering “WHY did I put that off for so long?!” and you’ll instantly feel lighter. So, if you’re looking for a sign to do that one thing, here it is. You’ve got this!

Try a new hobby or activity purely for the joy of it

martha brook blog post harness the new year magic with these things to do in January try a new hobby pottery

Seeing in a new year can often have us galvanised, thinking about what we’re going to achieve this year. Most of us have that one thing we’ve always wanted to do or try, just for the fun of it and January can bring that thought right to the surface. Maybe you’ve always wanted to give ice-skating a go, or perhaps you’ve been longing to try pottery, the big question is what are you waiting for?! One of the best things to do in January is to seize the moment. No matter what that thing is, there’s no better time than right now to give it a go. Remember, 2023 is yours for the taking!

Put in dates of things you’re looking forward to

martha brook

New year, new stationery. Well, if you’re anything like us that is! We see in every new year with a fresh diary in hand and the first few weeks of January provides that all-satisfying moment of putting pen to paper and getting those exciting dates in. You might be celebrating a milestone birthday or going away somewhere for a well-needed switch off. Whatever your lovely plans are for 2023, starting putting those dates in, you’ll find it may leave you that extra-bit excited and ready for the year ahead.

Still not got your 2023 diary?! We’ve up to 30% off in our January sale til 22nd Jan so grab yours now!

Try a new morning routine that starts each day better

martha brook blog post harness the new year magic with these things to do in January reading more in the morning

How you start each morning can have a huge impact on the rest of your day so why not set yourself up to start every day better than ever? By waking up just 30 minutes earlier each morning, you can get back 3 and a half hours every week! Use those 30 minutes to practise some mindfulness and self-care. From going for a walk to stretch your legs and engage with nature to having a read of that book gathering dust on the side, making slight amendments to your morning routine can transform your whole week. What would you change to improve your day? Let us know in the comments!

Just believing that this year will be good makes a difference

A little bit of positivity goes a long way, and sometimes even if we don’t feel it, saying it out loud and writing it down can have a profound effect on re-framing our mindset. Having the belief that this year will be better, and choosing optimism, can make such a difference and refresh our mentalities.

If you want to feel more positive in 2023, discover our Personalised Gratitude Journal. Designed to take just three minutes a day, it will help you find the good and improve your happiness, and physical and mental wellbeing.

martha brook blog post things to do in January look for the good see the good gratitude journal

Be kind to yourself, you have all year

And finally, remember to be kind to yourself! There’s 12 months to the year, and you’ve only just begun. Things can change as the year goes on that are totally out of your control, so when you set plans for the year, it’s important to remember that adjustments can be made and it doesn’t make you a failure.

Whatever 2023 swings your way, we hope this article has helped you with some ideas for things to do in January. We’d love to hear if you’ve set new goals already and what those look like in the comments, or if you have any tips for how to make the start of the year magical!

P.S. Need a little more inspiration? Keep your eyes peeled on our events page where we’ve got lots of events coming up to help you make the most of 2023!

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