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New: Notebooks and Diaries

Published 6 years ago. Estimated reading time: 1 minute.

Sep 8

Our first notebooks and diaries have arrived! How very exciting! See the new range here or read on for more about them…
All of the books can be made in any of the six beautiful colours we’ve chosen for the hardback covers, which are wire-bound so they can easily be flipped open to capture notes and ideas. Each design is lovingly printed with gold or silver foil in our London studio and there is even the unique option to add personalised pages inside the books. There are four types of book:
‘Secret Message’ Notebooks: All these notebooks have the unique option to add ‘secret messages’ throughout.


Weekly Diaries and Planners: As well as our personalised 2017 weekly diaries, we have a unique ‘start any date’ diary and a planner / diary combination.


Personalised Notebooks: These hardback notebooks can be foil-printed with the personalised name or any text of your choice.


Other Notebooks: These hardback foil-printed notebooks have bags of personality.


See the full range here and do let us know what you think!

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