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Published 8 years ago. Estimated reading time: 1 minute.

Nov 25

In preparation for Christmas, we’ve been expanding our team! I’m so excited to introduce you to them. First up are our two new Production Assistants. This is Julie who is a fan of French cheese and wine and once worked at Disney World painting umbrellas – how cool! Now she’s bringing her creative skills to Paint HQ yay!


Next, here is Leela. She’s a big fan of Thai food, her Uncle owns a cheese farm in Portugal and she has a shoe database. Wowsers. We’re fans already 😉


We’ve also welcomed three wonderful Dispatch Assistants; Alex, Gill and Nathalie. Here are the lovely Alex and Gill on epic packing duty this week:


This week was also sadly Lee’s last week with us. She’s been our Mother hen so we’re very sad to see her go…


Of course we couldn’t let her go without a good send off, so today we organised an epic one-month-to-Christmas afternoon tea for Lee. Doesn’t it look yum?!


Goodbye Lee. We will miss you! Now, the rest of us are ready and set to make lots of festive goodies for you. We just need to finish this cake first… 🙂

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