Join us to celebrate National Stationery Week

Written by Team Brook. Published 4 years ago. Estimated reading time: 2 minutes.

Apr 20

Hooray! National Stationery Week is here! With everything going on, we thought we’d go all out to bring joy to fellow stationery fans because let’s be honest, all fun things are welcome right now. So paperphiles keep your eyes peeled and tune in to our social media all week where we will be bringing you lots of exciting stuff to celebrate our love for all things stationery.
Here are some things to look out for:
1. Martha Brook Quiz Night
We are ALL OVER the virtual pub quiz craze. Lots of us have been doing them with our friends and family, so we thought what better way to celebrate National Stationery Week, than our very own Martha Brook Quiz Night. Download your quiz sheet here: Martha Brook Quiz Sheet.
To make it even better, there will be spot prizes at the end of each round AND a prize for the overall winner, so it’s not just glory you are playing for!
So grab a drink, tell your friends, and join us this Thursday 23 April at 7:30pm for our very own Martha Brook quiz night. More details to follow on our Instagram page here.

Martha Brook pub quiz

2. Your annual stationEry reminder
It’s a pet hate of our founder Martha that so many people get stationery and stationary mixed up, so she likes to give us a cheeky reminder every year. We’re not sure how she’ll top last year’s post (below), but we know she’ll give it a good shot.

3. An epic competition
It wouldn’t be National Stationery Week without A LOT of stationery right? So, to finish off the week we have collaborated with one of our favourite independent brands Oh Squirrel to bring you an epic prize bundle worth over £100. Here’s the tiniest of sneak peeks;


The competition will go live on our Instagram on Sunday morning, so keep your eyes peeled.
So, there you go! A week filled with exciting stationery goodness. We hope this will give you something to look forward to this week and give you a little lift during this weird time.

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