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Getting Started in Germany

Published 8 years ago. Estimated reading time: 0 minutes.

May 27

We were very excited to be asked by notonthehighstreet.com to join their new German site notonthehighstreet.de. Fantastisch!
However, after rapidly realising my one year of German at school wasn’t going to be much use (I mean how much use is asking the way to the train station?!), we got some help from a lovely local German lady and managed to launch a couple of weeks ago on the site. Yay!


And now we’re very excited to have recruited our first ever Love Give Ink Summer Intern. Meet Kat – she’s from Austria (and so is fluent in German oh yes), is a fearless skier and a linguistic genius (after a drink or two). Brilliant. Welcome Kat!


Kat is going to be working hard on our German site to grow our product range, so we hope to have more news for you soon!


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