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Decorating Paint HQ

Published 8 years ago. Estimated reading time: 1 minute.

Nov 3

I’m a great believer that your surroundings can hugely affect how you feel, which is especially true for where you work. Of course, the people around you make such a difference, but office décor also plays a huge role in productively and mindset.
As you know, here at Love Give Ink, we are proud to be a home business. Our business has grown, over the space of the last two years, to taking up both of my spare bedrooms and a small home office (I’ve told you – Mr LGI is very patient!). It sort of has just happened… So this summer I thought I’d give a bit more thought to making the ‘studio’ (AKA Paint HQ) feel more inspiring for the team, more bright, friendly and creative. Here is a glimpse behind the scenes…
15 10 Paint HQ 1

15 10 Paint HQ 3


15 10 Paint HQ 4


15 10 Paint HQ 5

15 10 Paint HQ 2

We’re constantly adding little decorations and moving things around to make the most of space. Maybe next year we will finally move out of our home… now THAT is going to be a whole office décor project in itself!

In the meantime, for more office inspiration and to buy some of things in our studio, see our Office Inspiration Pinterest board.

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