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Classy Hen-Do Ideas

Published 9 years ago. Estimated reading time: 0 minutes.

Jul 3

Having been at a quite fabulous hen do this weekend (although I could be biased as I organised it 🙂 ), I think there could be a market for ‘classy’ hen do products… what do you reckon? Any ideas for things to delight the bride to be? Do come and let us know on our Facebook page.
Here’s the first idea; our ‘Bride To Be’ Words Of Wisdom Notes… perfect for snippets of thoughtful / funny / sentimental advice before the big day! In 4 different colour themes (including ‘something blue’) and with a little Words of Wisdom pen that fits inside the box. Totally love!

Bride Words of Wisdom Notes 2

Bride Words of Wisdom Notes 5

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