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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of our Christmas advert

Published 2 years ago. Estimated reading time: 4 minutes.

Nov 10

Step aside John Lewis…we made our very first Christmas advert! This year, we decided we really wanted to capture the essence of what Christmas means to us. With optimism, creativity and our community at the heart of everything we do, we made an ad that features all of those three things…Read on to find out how we made it, to watch the full Christmas advert and shop all the lovely things included!

The idea

This year we think we all deserve a Christmas like no other! We don’t know about you, but we’re all more excited than ever about the coming weeks, so we really wanted to capture the excitement that our own Christmas rituals hold and recreate that warm feeling we have as we countdown to December 25th. You might have seen the theme in our Christmas collection this year, which is ‘good things are coming’. This phrase came from a place of hope for a Christmas reunited, optimism that good things are on their way, and potential for everything that is yet to come in the new year. Not only that, ‘good things are coming’ also resonated with us because it perfectly sums up that feeling you get when you hold a brand new piece of Martha Brook stationery. We strive, with every single piece of stationery we make, to create a sense of excitement for all the potential possibilities that lay ahead of you.

Our actors…AND customers!

Now, it wouldn’t be a Martha Brook ad without getting you involved! We asked on our Instagram stories to see if our community would like to be a part of our Christmas ad and, to our delight, you said yes! To get as many shots of our stationery, who better to call on than our very own customers?! Counting down to Christmas, we were thrilled to have so many of you featuring in our very first Christmas ad and to be a part of this exciting campaign. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Olivia Orgill, one of our lovely customers

Filming on our phone

All of the ad is shot either on our customer’s or our phones! To bring some Christmas magic to life, we transformed Edlyl in our team’s flat into a Martha Brook winter wonderland and set to work capturing all the things we love about December. From wrapping presents by the fire, to hanging out our stocking, to writing in our Christmas cards, we hope our Christmas advert makes you remember why this time of year is just so special.

Shop the ad

Something caught your eye? Did you know pretty much all of the items in our Christmas advert you can shop on Martha Brook? Oh yes! Everything you see you can shop in our Christmas collection, or shop directly below.

Throughout the advert, you can also see our customers counting down to Christmas on their actual diaries and calendars! All of them volunteered to take part because they said they wouldn’t know where they’d be without them and getting their new diary is one of their favourite things about Christmas, which made us very happy indeed! You can shop our diaries and calendars here (2022 desk calendars coming soon).

Watch our Christmas advert

Haven’t seen the ad yet? You can watch it on our Instagram where you can watch it too. We’d absolutely love you to share it and help us spread the word and let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

P.S. Want to get truly ready for Christmas? Head on over to our Christmas shop for more new things and shop our full collection! 

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