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Published 7 years ago. Estimated reading time: 4 minutes.

Nov 10

As we planned our rebrand, we decided it was time to update our studio to match our new brand identity, colour palette and look. We absolutely loved our old studio, but once the team gave the thumbs up to the new branding elements we soon realised that the workspace just didn’t match Martha Brook, which feels like the more ‘grown up’ Love Give Ink. Martha Brook is us, but altogether more stylish and inspirational, and wanted our studio to reflect this.
Our founder Martha and marketing assistant Nancy worked together to bring to life the essence of Martha Brook to create the interiors version of the new branding. After creating mood boards for each part of the studio and establish a theme and atmosphere, the sofa area where the team often sit and enjoy tea and cake was our first priority (for obvious reasons!). It needed to be a comfortable and inviting space, but as the sofa is the first thing you see when you enter the studio, also needed to have beautiful styling.

Our classic grey sofa was updated with some scatter cushions in various tones of soft pink. We also played with texture and opted for cushions that had faux fur, velvet and sequins to create a layered effect. Previously, our studio had paper fans hanging above the sofa, which we loved but had become a bit tired after a year of use. For a more sophisticated paper installation above the seating, we chose a set of gorgeous paper flowers from May Contain Glitter in our new brand colours. The table next to the sofa was updated with a few new styling elements like a blush pink and gold bud vase, a succulent in a concrete pot as well as a Martha Brook desk calendar alongside two monogrammed coasters.

The next thing to update was the set of box shelves that act as a Martha Brook ‘showcase’. These shelves feature things we’re proud of; magazines and newspapers we’ve been featured in, awards we’ve won and a selection of products. They are by our studio entrance so that visitors can see how far we’ve come over the past few years.

We simply tidied these shelves up a little and introduced some pretty props. All the magazines were popped in a Kate Spade file holder, we added some of our newer products and dressed the top with some fresh flowers. Pride of place is a team photo in a beautiful gold frame.

Possibly the largest make over in the studio was Martha’s desk aka ‘the ultimate dream desk’. We first wanted to transform the large blank wall behind the desk and after a lot of various ideas opted for a DIY framed mood board, floating shelves, mini gallery wall and a gold wire memo grid. For the mood board we purchased a large wooden frame and covered a sheet of cork with pale pink fabric, we removed the glass and replaced it with the covered cork ready to pin up all our inspirations.

We framed two inspirational quotes taken from our softback notebook designs, they look so good we may even start selling these prints in the future! The rest of the desk was styled with pink, gold and marble pieces to create a modern and feminine area for Martha to work in.

If you like our style and like to replicate it we purchased a lot of the items from Oliver Bonas, Kate Spade, H&M Home and Maisons du Monde. If you’d like to know where a particular item is from, or want to let us know what you think, do leave a comment below!

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