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A team effort for Father's Day

Published 8 years ago. Estimated reading time: 0 minutes.

Jun 20

Well, after Mother’s Day madness, we were determined to be super prepared for Father’s Day. Then Notonthehighstreet.com put us on their homepage, which got us all excited, but also in a bit of a frenzy:


But we called in a few favours and got a few familiar faces back to help us get organised:


Things started to get busy… but people seemed to leave ordering rather late and suddenly things got REALLY busy:

Blog6 Blog7 Blog8

Wowsers. We were especially proud that we managed to keep taking order all the way up until the last possible day for guaranteed Father’s Day delivery, which for our little team was a big deal 😀
And now all that’s left to say is Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy and all the amazing Dads out there! Thank you for being you x


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