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9 downloads for World Kindness Day

Published 10 months ago. Estimated reading time: 5 minutes.

Nov 12

It’s cool to be kind! It’s World Kindness Day and this year’s theme is to be kind whenever possible. We’re big believers just a little bit of kindness can go a long way. Just a small gesture has the power to transform someone else’s day, so we like to do everything with that little bit of kindness in mind. If you’re a customer or follow us on social media, you’ll see that we regularly share little thoughtful illustrated posts about kindness, and we also pop them free as postcards in orders.

We’ve been blown away by the reaction to these and the fact that teachers have hung them up in classrooms, some of you have them up in your own offices, and we’ve even had some NHS trusts put them up in their hospital wards or give them to every member of staff! We regularly get messages asking if you can buy copies of these, so we thought we’d go one step further and make them available for free! Here are our most-requested kindness posts as saveable images AND downloadable posters! Scroll down to save or download them…

9 downloads for World Kindness Day

1. Self Kindness Daily Checklist

First up on our list of downloads for World Kindness Day is our Self Kindness Daily Checklist! We’ve had a huge number of requests for this and have been beyond proud to see this propped up in classrooms and NHS wards across the country. A lovely reminder to take care of yourself! Download the Self-Kindness Daily Checklist here.

2. Little ways to make someone else’s day better

Next up is our postcard on how to make someone else’s day better for World Kindness Day this year. The theme is around being kind whenever possible and let’s not lie…2022 has been relentless so we thought we’d come up with easy but effective ways you can transform someone else’s day. Download it as a poster here.

3. Ways to self-soothe

martha brook blog post world kindness day ways to self soothe postcard

In honour of World Mental Health Day earlier on this year, we created this postcard on ways to self-soothe, a helpful reminder of ways you can keep calm and grounded when things can feel overwhelming. Download the Ways To Self Soothe poster here.

4. 8 things we can learn from flowers

martha brook blog post world kindness day things we've learned from flowers

This pretty postcard idea came from a collaboration with our flower friends, Bloom & Wild, around the time of Chelsea Flower Week. We reflected on flowers a lot during this time and thought we could learn a trick or two from them! Download 8 Things We Can Learn From Flowers poster here.

5. Friendship quote

martha brook blog post world kindness day friendship quote

We adored this quote for World Friendship Day in 2021, as we can all think of someone who has made our lives better just by being in it. If your friend could do with a pick-me-up, or if you want to share it ‘just because’, we guarantee this will spread a bit of kindness and make their day ahead feel a bit brighter. Download this friendship quote here.

6. How to take care of yourself like a human plant

martha brook blog post world kindness day how to look after yourself like a human house plant

Sometimes we take care of our plants more than we take care of ourselves, are we right?! In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week in 2021, we thought we’d share this fun postcard to remind you to take care of yourself and we were blown away by the response. Ever since, this has been requested as a download so here you are! Download this Human House Plant poster here.

7. Olympic life lessons

martha brook blog post world kindness day olympic life lessons

We loved watching the Olympics and were so inspired by the events that took place that we created this postcard and blog post which you can read here! We felt compelled by the life lessons the Olympics taught us. Download the Olympics Life Lessons poster here.

8. How to ask someone if they’re okay

martha brook blog post world kindness day how to ask someone if they're okay

For Mental Health Day in 2021, we created this postcard to encourage conversations with those you might be worried about. We think this is a lovely one to save for when you’re not sure how to raise conversations around mental health. Download the How To Ask Someone If They’re Okay poster here.

9. Self kindness in the winter months

martha brook blog post world kindness day self-care in the winter months

In all orders at the moment, we’re including this free postcard which can be propped up on your desk or popped on your fridge as a nice reminder to look after yourself when the days get shorter and darker. Download the Self Kindness In Winter Months poster here.

There you have it! We hope these downloads encourage you to spread even more kindness, to yourself, to friends and to family as a little kindness goes a long way.

P.S. Want to frame yours? Pop it in our very own Gold Photo Frame or Solid Brass Round Photo Holder.

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