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5 of the best: Valentine's Day Cards

Published 8 years ago. Estimated reading time: 2 minutes.

Feb 6

Not long until Valentine’s Day! Last week we picked 5 of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day this year, this week it’s our pick of 5 of the best Valentine’s Day cards. We know that sometimes you just want to find that special personalised card for your other half, and that’s what we’re here to help you with! Here are our some of our favourites:
1. ‘This Valentine’s Day’ Secret Messages Card
New for Valentine’s Day 2016 is this special card with three ‘secret messages’ hidden on the front to share some of the things you love about your partner, funny thoughts or whatever you like! Perfect for a Valentine’s card with a difference, or for when you want to say that bit more. For more, see HERE.


2. You Knock My Socks Off Greeting Card
Tell someone they have knocked your socks off with this charming personalised greeting card. It is perfect for telling someone you’ve fallen for them (or keep falling for them) this Valentine’s Day. For more, see HERE.

You Knock My Socks Off Card 1

3. ‘Be My Sweetheart’ Lollipop Card
A deliciously different card for Valentine’s Day with a personalised heart-shaped treat on the front. A card and token gift all in one! For more, see HERE.


4. My Heart Belongs To You Greeting Card
Give some love to the person that has stolen your heart with this beautiful card, which can be personalised with any text you like at the bottom of the card. For more, see HERE.


5. Reasons I Love You Secret Messages Card
One of our bestsellers and still a favourite, this unique card is ideal for telling someone why you love them vis the three secret love messages on the front of the card. For more, see HERE.


We hope we’ve inspired you! For more thoughtful personalised Valentine’s gift and card ideas, visit out Valentine’s shop HERE.

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